Fisher ScientificChanging How You Procure Research and Production Essentials

The Fisher Scientific cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners provides cost savings and efficient ordering on laboratory products and much more to colleges and universities, K-12 school systems, and state and local government agencies.

Count on the Fisher Scientific channel to be your one-stop source for equipment and instruments, personal protective equipment and other safety products, chemicals, biological products, and additional laboratory supplies. Find solutions that simplify your procurement process, as well as better comply with procurement budget requirements.

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The Fisher Scientific cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners, provides laboratory products to colleges and universities, K-12 school systems, and government agencies. Count on the Fisher Scientific channel to be your one-stop source for equipment and instruments, personal protective equipment and other safety products, chemicals, biological products, and additional laboratory supplies. Find cost-saving solutions that simplify your procurement while helping you comply with your specific purchasing budget and requirements.

Fisher Scientific Cooperative Contract

Procuring Lab Products Just Got Easier

Take advantage of these great benefits:

  • Competitively-solicited and awarded cooperative contract
  • OMNIA Partners segment market basket
  • Custom market basket for each participating agency
  • Deep category discounts
  • No shipping costs or handling fees on standard deliveries
  • Diverse supplier programs
  • Sustainability incentive programs
  • Patronage rebate opportunities
  • Access to over 2.5 million products from over 9,000 suppliers
  • More than 750 consultative reps with technical expertise
  • Dedicated specialists for life sciences, chemicals, safety, and production
  • Five customer service centers in North America for fast response times
  • Efficient online search, product ordering, and shipment tracking
  • Seamless integration with your eProcurement system
  • One-click access on any device
  • Next-day delivery for most products through an integrated 11-warehouse distribution network

Getting Started

To get started, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Register with OMNIA Partners.  

Step 2Sign up for a free Fisher Scientific account (if you don’t already have one).  

Step 3: Download the Letter of Intent (Word document), complete and sign. Return the completed form to or your local Fisher Scientific sales representative. Note: The signed Letter of Intent is not necessary for K-12 public sector entities. 

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Product Categories

Choose from more than 2,500,000 products and services from over 9,000 laboratory suppliers.

Fisher Scientific Product Categories Logo Listing

Lab Consumables
Having a single source for basic laboratory consumables lets you focus on your research. Find lab glassware, plasticware, vials, tubes, pipets, microscope slides, and so much more.

Equipment & Instruments
Find everything from high-quality equipment, such as freezers, ovens, incubators, water baths, and microscopes, to pH meters, refractometers, and other instruments, plus everyday labware like spatulas.

  • Balances and scales
  • Thermometers
  • Timers
  • pH meters
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Centrifuges
  • Microscopes
  • Incubators and baths
  • Pumps
  • Stirrers and hotplates
  • Shakers, rockers, and rotators
  • Ovens

A Preferred Chemicals Partner
Find the grades you need — from basic ACS to specific purities for analytical applications — in the most-used package sizes. If the standard offering doesn’t meet your needs, ask for a custom solution that meets your specifications.

  • Acids and bases 
  • Analytical reagents 
  • Organometallics 
  • Salts and inorganics
  • Buffers and solutions 
  • Solvents 
  • Standards 
  • Bulk and custom chemical solutions 
  • Fume hoods
  • Biological safety cabinets
  • Spectroscopy instruments
  • Heaters and heating mantles
  • Electrophoresis equipment
  • Water testing and filtration products
  • Vortex mixers
  • Sonicators, homogenizers, and blenders
  • Autoclaves, sterilizers, and glassware washers
  • Refractometers
  • Pipets and pipetters
fisher scientific chemicals

Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Let us help you select the right PPE and facility safety equipment to protect your employees, facility, or campus.

  • Apparel, face protection, and other PPE 
  • Environmental monitoring devices 
  • Fall and confined space protection products 
  • First aid and medical supplies 
  • Facility safety and maintenance items
  • Hazardous materials storage equipment 
  • Spill control and containment 
  • Traffic safety apparatus and signs 
  • Fire and emergency response equipment 
  • Controlled environments products 
Fisher Scientific Safety Services

Wastewater Supplies & Air and Gas Monitoring Devices
The Fisher Scientific channel has the tools you need to collect samples for water, wastewater, and soil testing. Find water testing products designed to detect hazardous chemicals or bacteria, monitor air quality, and more, all while saving you time, money, and worry. Meet and maintain regulatory standards with our water and wastewater testing supplies, soil testing products, and air and gas monitoring devices. Shop benchtop pH meters, thermometers, water testing equipment and instruments, and more to complete your workflow. Learn more or Shop Products for water testing and environmental analysis.  

TruNarc Handheld Narcotics Analyzer
Rapid narcotics ID
The Thermo Scientific™ TruNarc™ analyzer is a handheld Raman system for rapid identification of suspected narcotics without direct contact for most samples. A single test for multiple controlled substances provides law enforcement with clear, definitive results for presumptive identification.

  • Fast, accurate identification - Get test results in seconds
  • Easy to use - Achieve proficiency with an intuitive interface that enables fast training.
  • Single test, multiple narcotics - Quickly determine if a narcotic is present, saving time & money.
  • Non-contact sampling - Scan through plastic or glass to minimize contamination, reduce exposure and preserve evidence.
  • Automated, tamper-proof records - Capture all scan results, including time-and-date stamp and system self check to help expedite prosecution.
TruNarc Handheld Narcotics Analyzer

The Fisherbrand™ collection includes over 22,000 laboratory products manufactured to meet your performance, reliability, and durability needs at affordable prices. We continue to expand our offering with new products, including furniture and tissue culture and filtration supplies.

We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So buy it, try it, and if within 30 days you don't love it as much as we do, we'll give you your money back — guaranteed.* 
*Some exclusions apply.  

The Fisherbrand Guarantee

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