FlagHousePhysical Education and Health Equipment

Available through OMNIA Partners, 

FlagHouse has supported active, healthy, joyful and more independent living—for people of all ages and abilities! As a premier global source for quality equipment and programs serving Physical Education and Recreation, Health, Education and Special Needs, we offer a wide range of products and resources to enable physical activity, learning and play, to make the world more accessible and rewarding for everyone.

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FlagHouse is available on a competively solicited, publicly awarded cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners. 

FlagHouse Overview

We believe desks and chairs can be invitations for collaboration and creativity. When everything’s designed to work well together, everyone can work well together. And that the right environment can transform much more than a classroom or commons, or cafeteria. To help you create such spaces, FlagHouse offers supplies to inspire transformation of a room.

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John Holt
800.793.7900 (ext. 7587)