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Four Inc. leverages its in-depth knowledge of the IT contracting process, coupled with a meticulously curated network of manufacturers and partners, to seamlessly deliver tailored technology solutions and
services to their customers.

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Four Inc.'s strategic alignment and ecosystem of over 100 complementary OEMs, partners, and service providers ensures that participants of OMNIA Partners have access to innovative technology solutions, empowering public sector organizations to achieve their technological goals.

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About Four Inc.

Through a combination of proven expertise and unwavering commitment to core values, Four Inc. has garnered the respect and trust of the IT community. Positioned as a thought leader in state and local technology markets, the company contributes unique perspectives to industry conversations as both a distributor and reseller of sophisticated, enterprise-level IT products. By conducting thorough research and comprehending the intricacies of public agencies and their technological requirements, Four Inc. excels in identifying optimal matches between customer needs and the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products they represent.

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