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Garland/DBS, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance solutions for the commercial building envelope. Founded in 1895, the Garland organization is 100 percent employee owned, ensuring that every Garland employee is vested in the long-term performance outcomes of your building envelope projects.

We offer organizations nationwide a comprehensive selection of support services to accompany a wide array of roofing and exterior waterproofing material solutions through the OMNIA Partners program.

Partnership of Excellence Bronze Award


The Bronze Partnership Excellence Award is a testament to the commendable dedication of our valued suppliers. This esteemed medallion is presented to those who have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to our partnership.

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Partner With Garland/DBS, Inc. For Reliable Waterproofing Protection & Trusted Support

Garland/DBS is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance building envelope solutions for commercial facilities and provides solutions based on your specific facility needs and budget. Members of OMNIA Partners can take advantage of Garland's most competitive material pricing while streamlining the process of managing building envelopes across multiple facilities. 

The Garland corporate team can help you maintain consistency across your multiple locations. Local support is provided by our over 220 highly trained representatives, who provide on-site management to ensure the successful completion of your building envelope projects.

As your single source for both materials and installation, Garland helps you consolidate your efforts, reducing the demands on your staff and streamlining inspection, maintenance, restoration and new construction across all facets of your building envelope.

Key Pricing Features & Benefits

Garland has a complete line of roofing and waterproofing products. Buying those materials directly saves you, the building owner, much of the contractor mark-up you would normally incur when working through a contractor delivery model.

For installation services, Garland can provide you with a list of pre-authorized trade contractors to contract with directly or provide turnkey solutions as a general contractor using local or national contractors. Either way, you are guaranteed a quality installation with manufacturer oversight. Garland prides itself on obtaining the best labor pricing for our customers by using competition for labor on each project.

Through OMNIA Partners, an annual rebate is available (based on total annual spend on labor and installation).

Rebate Details

Annual Contract Purchase ---- Annual Rebate to Customer

$0M - 3M ---- 0% Rebate

$3M - $5M ---- 0.5% Rebate

>$5M ---- 1% Rebate


Key Features & Benefits

  • Competition for labor on each project
  • Entire catalog of building envelope components and services
  • No commitment required; we believe small projects are a great way to demonstrate our value
  • Value-added services are free-of-charge (i.e. initial evaluation, budget, recommendations and proposal development services)
  • Adjusts to projects of different size, scope, complexity and challenges
  • Standard warranties from 10 to 40 years (depending on the product or system) are provided at no cost
  • Compliant with local and national building codes


Receive Unmatched Support Throughout the Entire Project

Garland/DBS understands the complexities and challenges involved in commercial building envelope projects. Our unmatched level of service and support alleviates the typical stress and frustration surrounding these types of projects. Rest assured that when you partner with us, we’ll deliver on the promises we make.

What Garland/DBS Offers You

  • Single-source accountability for the design assistance and installation of complex exterior roofing and waterproofing projects
  • Active management of your repair, maintenance, and restoration needs
  • Personalized field support provided by over 220 locally based employee-owner representatives
  • Adherence to best-practice processes to ensure your exterior roofing and waterproofing systems exceed their warranted service life
  • Quality-controlled manufacturing combined with qualified local preauthorized contractors
  • Full-service technical support throughout the entire project 
  • Comprehensive feasibility studies, including roof inspections, assessment of existing conditions, solution options with budgets, and specification assistance for your chosen solution
  • Online roof asset management database services
  • Coordination of design and engineering services

Solutions & Products

Customized Roofing and Waterproofing Solutions

Garland/DBS offers customized solutions for all your exterior roofing and waterproofing needs regardless of size, complexity or budget. Our process starts with identifying your requirements, inspecting your roof and exterior waterproofing systems, and assessing their existing conditions. We use the information gathered to identify and recommend solutions based on your performance expectations.

Facilities Database

You have complete and continuous access to the results of our comprehensive facility audit, helping you prioritize and budget for repair and replacement projects.

Design & Engineering Services

Our in-house engineering team provides the technical resources needed to deliver successful projects.

Project Management

Benefit from our consistent delivery model and ability to manage complex, single or multi-site projects.

Certified Quality Contractors

Our trusted network of qualified and financially stable contractor partners know Garland products and our high standards of quality. We accept nothing less than the best for our customers.

200+ Local Reps

Your local manager(s) will be on site frequently to monitor installation, provide progress updates and ensure successful project completion - documenting every step along the way.

Sustainable Solutions

Achieve your energy savings goals through our green solutions such as reflective coatings and vegetative, low-VOC and cold-applied roofs.

Warranty Protection and Continuation

Garland offers long-term warranty protection on all labor and materials. We also can help ensure existing warranties are not voided throughout the projects we undertake.

Material Solutions

  • High-tensile modified and built-up waterproofing systems
  • Architectural and structural standing seam metal roof and wall systems
  • Fluid-applied urethane and acrylic systems
  • Sustainable systems, such as vegetative roofs, rooftop photovoltaic systems, and energy-reducing reflective coatings
  • Environmentally responsible, low-odor/low-VOC adhesive, restoration, maintenance, and repair materials

Defense Force

Garland’s new Defense Force™ line of innovative products is designed to either clean, disinfect and/or protect commercial facilities while also helping combat sick building syndrome.


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