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GP PRO, A division of Georgia-Pacific, manufactures and sells well-known brands like enMotion®, Compact®, Angel Soft Professional Series®, Brawny Industrial®, Dixie®, SmartStock® and PerfecTouch®. GP PRO designs products to meet restroom, food service and break room needs for office buildings, healthcare, high traffic, lodging, retail and manufacturing using a touchless system to help reduce the spread of germs and protect your facility. Hygiene is no longer an option, it’s a responsibility. GP PRO provides solutions, support and guidance to help employers and facilities get confident, safe and Hygiene Ready.

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Members of OMNIA Partners can leverage a program with Georgia Pacific to streamline their purchasing process for janitorial and sanitation solutions in professional and industrial workspaces. 

Workplace Hygiene Solutions For Your Facilities

You may be looking for ways in which your operations could run more smoothly and safely; some modest improvements that could help you to control costs while having less of an impact on the environment. From shop floor to restrooms and break room areas, our solutions can help you boost hygiene, safety and efficiency, all while controlling costs. Available to members of OMNIA Partners, GP Pro offers a comprehensive portfolio of hygiene and janitorial solutions for your facilities' restrooms, breakrooms and high-contact surfaces to ensure your employees and customers are protected and meet all cleanliness standards. Streamline your purchasing process so you can improve efficiencies and reduce costs for your business. 

Pacific Blue Ultra®

Pacific Blue Ultra® dispensers and towels help improve the hygiene, efficiency, and appearance of restrooms, break areas and more. Pacific Blue Ultra® towels are at the forefront of washroom sustainability and the Pacific Blue Ultra® Automated High-Capacity Towel Dispenser combines the reliability you expect from GP PRO with the hygienic functionality your patrons deserve. To view all Pacific Blue Ultra® solutions and products, click here.

Dixie® Products

With a legacy spanning over a century, Dixie® brand products are recognized and trusted by both patrons and operators alike. From plates, cups, and bowls to cutlery and napkin dispensers, Dixie® and Dixie Ultra® disposables and dispensing innovations consistently deliver on hygiene, efficiency, sustainability, and value. Click here to browse Dixie® products for your facilities, or check out the brochure below to view solutions and available products.

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