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GP PRO, A division of Georgia-Pacific, manufactures and sells well-known brands like enMotion®, Compact®, Angel Soft Professional Series®, Brawny Industrial®, Dixie®, SmartStock® and PerfecTouch®. GP PRO designs products to meet restroom, food service and break room needs for office buildings, healthcare, high traffic, lodging, retail and manufacturing using a touchless system to help reduce the spread of germs and protect your facility. Hygiene is no longer an option, it’s a responsibility. GP PRO provides solutions, support and guidance to help employers and facilities get confident, safe and Hygiene Ready.

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GP PRO now offers a broad portfolio of janitorial and breakroom solutions for commercial buildings and multi-family housing properties through a group purchasing program with OMNIA Partners. From routine cleaning products for common areas to food disposables for breakroom and office spaces, GP PRO and OMNIA Partners can save your organization valuable time and money.  

Meet Your Tenants' Standards with Hygiene & Breakroom Solutions

Meeting hygiene expectations is important. But controlling costs, maximizing operational efficiency, boosting your image, and stepping up sustainability matter, too. GP PRO solutions, tools and resources can help your business achieve a healthy balance with smart hygiene, break room, and sanitation solutions for your buildings.

With the collective buying power of OMNIA Partners, GP PRO can help you with efficient procurement strategies and realizing speed to savings for all of your commercial or multifamily properties. 

enMotion® Dispensing Systems

Help improve hygiene and elevate your image with the brand backed by high customer satisfaction. Our enMotion® dispensing systems offer a coordinated suite of hygienic solutions that deliver performance, intuitive design, and elegance.

Additionally, our paper towel, soap and sanitizer dispensers are backed by a lifetime warranty covering any potential defects in workmanship and materials.

Dixie® Products

With a legacy spanning over a century, Dixie® brand products are recognized and trusted by both patrons and operators alike. From plates, cups, and bowls to cutlery and napkin dispensers, Dixie® and Dixie Ultra® disposables and dispensing innovations consistently deliver on hygiene, efficiency, sustainability, and value. Click here to browse Dixie® products for your facilities, or check out the brochure below to view solutions and available products.

KOLO® Smart Monitoring System

​​​​​​The KOLO® Smart Monitoring System is an award-winning smart restroom solution that helps ensure dispensers are stocked and fixtures are functional, signaling your commitment to providing a smarter, healthier, and safer facility. With the KOLO™ System, you no longer guess what tasks are needed, you know. The result: Facilities can reduce waste and help improve customer experience and operational efficiency. Explore a coordinated suite of KOLO® System compatible hygienic solutions delivering performance, intuitive design and elegance here.

Meet the KOLO™ Smart Monitoring System

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