GordianJob Order Contracting (JOC) Services

With over 30 years of proven experience in Job Order Contracting across government, public sector, and non-profit industries, Gordian’s solutions are proven to improve the management of facilities and infrastructure assets throughout the full building lifecycle. This includes understanding and communicating the needs of the building portfolio, determining investment priorities and creating actionable plans, defining accurate project budgets and procuring and executing construction work efficiently.

Access ezIQC® Through Gordian & OMNIA Partners in Washington, DC and Maryland

Expedite construction procurement through OMNIA Partners in Washington, DC and Maryland. 

ezIQC®, Gordian’s Job Order Contracting solution available through OMNIA Partners, is an easy and intelligent way to buy construction services at competitive prices. Take advantage of cooperative volume discounts from contracts that have already been competitively awarded. With access to local contractors through a cooperative purchasing network, you can trade the time and expense of traditional procurement for speed, efficiency, and the power of group buying.

ezIQC® is available in Washington, DC and Maryland via the Hartford County Public Schools, MD (#23-JH-022) and OMNIA Partners. ezIQC® brings speed and efficiency to the construction procurement process by establishing local, competitively awarded prices upfront, eliminating the need to bid on each project separately. Avoid the red tape of traditional procurement, issue POs in days, and still satisfy your local competitive bidding requirements with ezIQC®.

Gordian supports this contract through the University of California agreement (#2021002786).

ezIQC® in DC

DC ezIQC State Sheet

ezIQC® in Maryland

Maryland ezIQC State Sheet

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With ezIQC®, you can quickly start on repairs, renovations, upgrades, or even new construction. Gordian's experienced field personnel will guide you through each process step and provide oversight to ensure efficiencies are maximized immediately. Click the "Contact Us" button below to get started today!