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HVAC equipment sales and service are the backbone of HB Mechanical’s core, design builds are our specialty as we strive to provide the “value engineering” bonus to our customers. The experience level of our team will provide solutions that deliver results for our OMNIA Partners participants.

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Through an OMNIA Partners' competitively solicited contract, nonprofits have access to thorough and reliable installation, repair, and maintenance services offered by HB Mechanical.

About HB Mechanical

HB Mechanical Services was founded on the belief that if we take care of clients – business will take care of itself. We strive each day to provide service that is over the top, which delights our clients, separates us from our competitors, and supports the mission of the nonprofits we service. We strive to know our clients’ business as well as our own. If we do our job correctly, we are an integral part of our clients’ team.

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