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Hotel Engine offers a straightforward and cost-effective way to book travel. With over 230,000 rooms nationwide, we guarantee rates at or below GSA standards. Our services includes flexible payment options, such as tax-exempt bookings and paying only after you stay, with the convenience of refundable rooms. Best of all, there are no services fees for our members. It's all about making your travel booking experience easier and more affordable. With Hotel Engine, you can access efficient management tools and round-the-clock customer service, ensuring your business lodging needs are easily met. Our complimentary services provides a straightforward and beneficial solution for your travel requirements. 

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Hotel Engine simplifies travel booking by offering an extensive network of hotel partners, including all major hotel brands, ensuring you have the best options. With over 230,000 rooms nationwide, we're committed to providing rates at or below GSA standards. Our service is designed to be flexible, featuring tax-exempt bookings, payment only after your stay, and refundable rooms, all without any service fees for our members. We're particularly proud to support the public sector, streamlining hotel bookings to make them more affordable and hassle-free. By leveraging our combined buying power, we secure top-notch lodging deals. Choose Hotel Engine for your travel plans, where professional service meets convenience, allowing you to focus less on travel logistics and more on what matters.


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Initial Term: December 18, 2023 - December 17, 2026

Renewal Options: To renew for two (2) additional one-year periods through December 17, 2028

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