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For decades, IBTS has provided governments at all levels with reliable, trustworthy services, expertise, and guidance. Our nonprofit mission to serve and strengthen communities is advanced through our services. These include building code services and regulatory expertise; compliance and monitoring; community planning; disaster planning, mitigation, and recovery expertise; energy solutions; municipal services; grants management; market research; program management and oversight; resilience services; solar quality management; and workforce development and training.

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IBTS and OMNIA Partners work together to provide reliable guidance through building code services and regulatory expertise now available to participants with OMNIA Partners.

IBTS: A Trusted Partner and Advisor

By contracting with IBTS through OMNIA partners, you can be confident you will receive timely, trusted expertise in:

  • Building Department Services
    • Plan Review Services
    • Inspection Services
    • Assessments
  • National Green Building Standard (NGBS)
    • Planning
    • Current
    • Long-Range
    • Project
  • Zoning and Regulatory Compliance
    • Project Review
    • Ordinance Updates and Creation
  • Market Research & Community Engagement
  • Energy, Sustainability, and Resilience
    • Resilience Assessment
    • Project Management
    • CRAFT Equitable Climate Resilience (ECR) Assessment Tool
    • Solar Quality Management
  • Grant Writing
    • Grant Research
    • Grant Writing Support
    • Grant Management and Administration
  • Storm Water
    • Plan Review
    • Flood Plain Review

Contact Information

Curt Skoog
Local Government Serices Development Lead