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Founded 20 years ago on the belief that we can enhance lives by digitally transforming business process, ImageSoft continues to elevate businesses, as well as governments, insurance and the justice community, with highly configurable automation and a culture that is anything but robotic. Applying the “right person, right seat” hiring strategy, ImageSoft has created a culture of fun-loving attitudes and creative efforts that are upheld by team members, many who are dotted across the national map, championing our globally-reached mission. Guided by our core values of integrity, customer focus, dependability, excellence and people first, the ImageSoft team currently serves 15 state agencies across 14 states, 30 medium-to-large government agencies, over $125M in court solutions, and millions more for blue chip insurance companies in the USA and Canada.

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Available through OMNIA Partners on a competitively solicited, publicly awarded cooperative contract, ImageSoft provides decades of experience in innovative digital and technological solutions for public agencies.

About ImageSoft

We’ll take paperwork off your hands—the filing, the lifting, the searching, the shuffling, the sorting, the shifting. When we digitize your work world, life’s just better.

Every business and industry has its Back Office—the behind-the-scenes staff running finance, human resources and the endless legal contracts and paperwork. When we bring you solutions with OnBase you can let go of your paper dependency and welcome increased transparency with affordable, easily-configured options and a major return on your investment.

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