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Volt, HireGenics, and Innova Solutions are leading, global providers of commercial and professional staffing solutions, total talent workforce solutions, and technology services. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, these affiliate companies are certified, MBE providers and employee more than 50,000 employees and consultants and have more 25 years of experience of delivering solutions through their 100+ US offices, and global delivery capabilities from high-tech innovation centers in the US, UK, Europe, Mexico, India, and Taiwan.  These brands share these common attributes: dedication to improving each client's business, a focus on responsive, accountable service, and a commitment to operating with the highest level of ethics and integrity.

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Learn about Staffing & Workforce Solutions through Innova's contract with OMNIA Partners, Multifamily Housing. Contact us below.

Company Overview

Through our partnership with OMNIA Partners, we provide all member clients with strategic services and competitive rates that reflect the collective buying power of a tenured Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).

Innova Solutions services its clients through three operating companies, each with its own line of business, to serve organizations across industries: 

  • Innova Solutions: Technology Services
  • HireGenics: Contingent Workforce Management Solutions
  • Volt: Commercial and Professional Staffing Solutions

Innova Service Offerings

Digital Product Engineering

  • Digital Application Services - Innova's digital application services enable organizations to optimize daily operations and adapt to changing customer demands. 
  • UI/XM Servies - Innova offers a complete range of UI/UX services to help our clients improve the usability and accessibility of their products, websites, and applications and create a lasting impact. 
  • Quality Engineering Services -Our seasoned quality engineers, with diverse skills across DevOps, QA, automation, continuous testing, and agile, provide unmatched quality and years of expertise to our global clients.
  • Enterprise Content Management - Enterprise content management (ECM) is crucial to an enterprise's resilience, especially with the growing demand for digital content due to the expansion of online marketing and customer service, fueling the growth of ECM in the global market.
  • Digital Kitchen - Transform your digital ecosystem with Innova's Digital Kitchen, a unique offering that powers Digital Transformation through continuous innovation and improvement.

Data Analytics

  • Data Modernization - At Innova, we adopt a cloud-first and AI-driven approach to modernize your existing data infrastructure, reducing time to insight significantly and modernizing data access. 
  • Data Engineering - We provide Data Engineering solutions such as enterprise data warehousing, data lakes, stream analytics, and IoT to help companies orchestrate and automate complex data pipelines, store data effectively, and leverage a reliable data flow. 
  • Data Visualization - We use agile techniques to represent information graphically for efficient communication and understanding. 
  • Data Science - Our data science solutions empower clients to build automated machine learning capabilities, rapidly examine data and recommend the most effective algorithms. 
  • DataOps - Our DataOps offerings can help organizations overcome the hurdles and complexities involved in delivering analytics with speed and agility, allowing them to turn data into business value. 


  • Threat and Detection Responses - We can help organizations defend their critical assets from vulnerabilities, detect and respond to advanced threats quickly, and recover from disruptions in a timely manner.
  • DevSecOps (CI/CD/CiA) -Innova's security services empower organizations to build security into their software development lifecycle early on to keep pace with operations. 
  • IoT and IT Security - Innova helps organizations ensure the security of their IoT and OT environments by providing greater visibility into the components. 
  • Compliance Assessments - At Innova, we offer expert guidance to help businesses navigate the ever-evolving compliance landscape, ensuring that they meet all necessary regulatory requirements. .
  • Managed Security Services - Innova's Managed Security Services provide organizations with advanced analytics and threat intelligence through a purpose-built platform, delivering a range of security services that meet today's demands.

The HireGenics/Volt Difference

Solution Design and Experience

We begin each client relationship with a comprehensive implementation process in which we assess, and document current state then provide best practice recommendations for the solution design. Our implementation team has significant project management experience within contingent workforce solutions. Our programs are designed to be innovative and industry leading solutions with a focus on cost management, process efficiencies, quality, and risk mitigation.

Thought Leadership and Continuous Improvement

Our senior leadership, operations team, and program teams all have significant and relevant experience within the contingent workforce industry. This knowledge and experience are the foundation of our solutions and enables our programs to provide continuous value, innovation, and improvements across all our client partnerships. 

Dedicated Program Team vs. Shared Services Approach

It is our philosophy and part of our solution design to ensure all our contractors understand HireGenics is the Employer of Record (EOR). Our teams understand the specifics of the client environment, culture, and other key program aspects typically missed in a shared services approach. The net result is that we are often not the lowest cost partner when looking strictly at our markup. 


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