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Instructure makes software that makes smarter people. It all started with Canvas in 2011 and the goal to make teaching and learning a lot easier. In 2015, Instructure launched Bridge, which aims to change the way you (and, more importantly, your employees) think about employee engagement and corporate training. Today, more than 3,000 universities, school districts and institutions around the world use (and love) Instructure products.

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Available through the cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners, Instructure offers education solutions with the goal of making teaching and learning easier.

LMS Solutions


Canvas isn’t just a product. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s an educational revolution. It’s a powerful new way to–pardon our optimism–change the world. And, yes, there’s an industry-pushing learning management system used (and loved) by millions of passionate students and teachers in there too.


Arc is the end of passive video. The beginning of interactive, smart, easy, collaborative video. We wondered—why is learning technology evolving so quickly, but video still feels one-way, archaic, and just a step beyond slideshows and out-of-focus overhead projectors? So we created Arc to unmute learning and turn content into conversation, connection, and collaboration.


MasteryConnect is the K–12 digital assessment management system that makes data-driven instruction a no-brainer. Expertly-designed to identify mastery of key standards, the new MasteryView Assessments provide the insights you need to determine where students are in their learning. Delivered exclusively through MasteryConnect.

Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio is the next-generation video education platform for K–12 teaching and learning. Video is no longer a one-way street. Canvas Studio makes it a dynamic and engaging collaboration between you and your K–12 students, whether you’re in class, remote, or a mix of both.


Videri is the analytic application that combines data from key district data sources and provides access to highly interactive visualizations of integrated data so educators can measure, manage, and improve student outcomes.Turn data into deeper insights to improve outcomes for all students. Provide teachers and administrators with access to comprehensive, integrated data so they fully understand what is affecting the success of their students.

Certica Assessment Content

This thoughtful program of rigorous formative and benchmark assessment is rooted in learning standards and offers the immediate insights teachers need to actually improve learning- that includes CASE Benchmarks and Navigate and CASE Item Banks.

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