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Interface, Inc. is a global flooring company specializing in carbon neutral carpet tile and resilient flooring. Our high-performance flooring stands up to heavy foot traffic in hallways, boosts productivity in classrooms and helps create optimal living environments in residence halls. And with a wide range of QuickShip products, you can meet tight turnarounds and budgets for any need. 

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All participating agencies of OMNIA Partners can purchase systemwide carbon neutral flooring products and solutions on a cooperative contract with Interface.

Carbon as a Resource

Our goal is to make products with the lowest carbon footprint possible. Products that go beyond neutral to help restore the health of the planet.

By using recycled content and bio-based materials in an innovative way, we have created carpet tiles that store carbon, preventing its release into the atmosphere.

This innovation, coupled with our commitment to lower our carbon footprint across all areas of our business, has driven us to produce our first carbon negative flooring products.

To learn more about carbon materials and products, click here. 

Take a Step to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When you choose Interface flooring, you’re on the path to a more sustainable space. You’re choosing to reduce the carbon footprint of your space and help improve the health of the planet.

The flooring products that we sell, including carpet tile, LVT, vinyl sheet, rigid core and
nora® rubber are carbon neutral across their full product life cycle through our third party verified Carbon Neutral Floors™ program. And we calculate your floor’s impact so you can see its contribution to reducing global warming.

About Our Products

Interface Carpet Tile

  • Solution dyed nylon with low modification ratio for superior performance
  • Glue-free installation with TacTiles® connectors 
  • i2™ carpet tiles offer reduced attic stock 
  • Intersept® proprietary preservative permanently incorporated into backing 
  • Sound absorptive for improved acoustics 
  • Recyclable through Interface’s ReEntry™ program 

Interface LVT

  • Ceramor™ ceramic bead coating minimizes scratching and scuffin
  • 22 mil wear layer enables 15 years of warranted resilience and performance 
  • Dimensionally compatible with carpet tile and rubber for smooth transitions 
  • Ease of maintenance 
  • Offers 39% total recycled content 
  • Sound Choice™ LVT provides acoustic insulation and is recyclable through Interface’s ReEntry™ program 

nora® Rubber

  • Surface density protects against microbial growth and requires no finishing 
  • Improved acoustics & speech intelligibility 
  • Dimensional stability with cushioning for safety & reduced musculoskeletal stress 
  • Long-lasting flooring with standard 15-year warranty 
  • Reduced maintenance & operational costs 

Interface Rigid Core

  • Multi-layered design with rigid core center for a flat finish 
  • Ease of installation with drop-click edges – no glue required 
  • Ceramor™X coating and wear layer protect from scratches, scuffs and abrasions 
  • Available in a variety of harmonious wood and stone color options 
  • 15-year standard warranty 

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800-336-0225 ext. 56356

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