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OMNIA Partners offers a comprehensive program with Interplay Learning. Interplay allows its customers to practice hands-on learning and train to be job-ready in weeks, not years. Interplay Learning is building better training, better careers and better lives for its customers and their employees.

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Interplay Learning leverages their immersive learning platform with hands-on learning, which results in highly trained employees who are job-ready in weeks. This program is available to members through an OMNIA Partners contract. 

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About Interplay Learning

Multi-family maintenance has always been demanding, but as the skills gap continues to grow, so does the competition for skilled labor. And, with the number of skilled jobs far outpacing the supply of qualified workers to fill them, companies are left scrambling to train inexperienced workers from the ground up.

SkillMill can help solve these problems by delivering immersive, on-demand multi-family maintenance technician training designed to rapidly develop your green technicians, boost their confidence in the field and help you grow your talent in-house.

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