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Interplay Learning is the industry leader in immersive training solutions for the skilled trades. Interplay’s acclaimed training platform enables rapid upskilling and empowers new technicians to be job-ready within weeks, not years.

Featuring expert-led videos, hands-on 3D simulations, knowledge checks, and personalized learning paths, Interplay is more scalable and engaging than traditional training. Leveraging advanced technologies like AI and VR, Interplay is reshaping the future of online skilled trades training, delivering highly effective learning experiences that result in better careers and better lives. 

With Interplay, you’ll be able to train new techs faster, upskill experienced techs to keep them sharp, and provide opportunities for career advancement by delivering standardized, scalable maintenance technician training across locations.

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  • Develop a Highly-Trained, Property Maintenance Team Quickly 
    ​​​​​​​Interplay has everything you need to train your multi-family maintenance team faster, better, and easier than ever before. Choose from expert-led videos, in-depth courses like HVAC, electrical, and plumbing, with immersive 3-D and virtual reality simulations. 
  • Improve Your Bottom Line 
    An investment in training can pay for itself very quickly by preventing costly callbacks and reducing outsourcing expenses. 
  • Maintain Your Competitive Edge 
    Give yourself a competitive in attracting and retaining talent by providing Interplay's best-in-class, immersive 3-D and virtual reality training for all skill levels. 

About Interplay Learning

Multi-family maintenance has always been demanding, but as the skills gap continues to grow, so does the competition for skilled labor. And, with the number of skilled jobs far outpacing the supply of qualified workers to fill them, companies are left scrambling to train inexperienced workers from the ground up.

SkillMill can help solve these problems by delivering immersive, on-demand multi-family maintenance technician training designed to rapidly develop your green technicians, boost their confidence in the field and help you grow your talent in-house.

Next Gen Online and VR Training for the Skilled Trades

Build your most confident and highly skilled team with Interplay Learning training.

JC Hart Co. Shares Their Story of Success Using Interplay Learning

An insightful look at how JC Hart Co. and their maintenance team are using Interplay Learning to train, retain, and recruit employees. Get an inside perspective from a Training Manager, a Regional Maintenance Supervisor, and a Maintenance Supervisor on how they leverage Interplay Learning for success.

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