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IPS Group, Inc. (“IPS”) offers a critical component to Smart Cities and Communities by providing one powerful fully integrated solution that enables 360˚ parking management. IPS is committed to offering a comprehensive ecosystem of parking products and services that unlock the full potential that data can have on business operations, while making the consumer experience as easy and convenient as possible.

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Whether they work exclusively with IPS or need to aggregate multiple third-party solutions as part of their parking technology stack, the IPS Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem provides completely unified parking resource planning, management and data-driven decision-making power for any size operation.

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The IPS Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem includes single-space meters and multi-space pay stations, vehicle detection sensors, mobile and contactless payment options, and enforcement and permit management solutions all connected to a web-based data management system with real-time analytics and business intelligence reporting. All IPS technologies are managed by secure, cloud-based systems so Cities and Universities can manage their entire parking network from anywhere at any time.

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