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Irwin Seating Company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of audience seating for movie theatres, auditoriums, arenas, performing arts centers, stadiums, and places of worship. Proudly manufactured in the USA since 1907, seating is their only business, and public seating products are the only products they manufacture. In addition to auditorium and theatre seating, Irwin Seating manufactures stadium seating, lecture room furniture, bleachers, telescopic platforms and provide the industry's most comprehensive restoration services.

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Available through OMNIA Partners, Irwin Seating offers fixed and auditorium seating solutions to public sector agencies.

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Hi, we’d like to (re)introduce ourselves!

As we move ahead in an ever changing world, we continue to embrace a culture of lifelong learning and act as knowledge leaders who really do their homework. Our journey has always been a human centered one but now we find ourselves imagining and celebrating an innovative new future while continuing to solve the real problems of today.

Our goal? To be the go to resource for any customer seeking to create memorable and inspiring experiences where ver people gather. In their drive to explore original ideas and bring them to life, we want our customers to always turn to us with confidence.

It’s a future full of possibilities. One that includes wide ranging seating solutions but isn’t limited by the Irwin Seating Company name of our past.

So today, we’d like to re introduce ourselves as…Irwin.

We want the new Irwin name to speak to possibilities far beyond seating. We want it to speak to creating supportive, immersive solutions that celebrate ALL the spaces where people gather.

At Irwin, everything we do here is built on the belief that we’re better together. And with four generations of expertise to back that up, it only makes sense that Irwin should be your next project’s first and last stop.

Irwin. Period.

About Irwin Seating

We Begin With A Vision: Yours

What kind of experience are you looking to create? At Irwin Seating, we go out of our way to understand what sets your venue apart. From there, we develop seating solutions for K12 schools and higher education institutions that are affordable, comfortable and durable.

Your Seating Team

Today’s auditoriums and gymnasiums can be are surprisingly sophisticated spaces. So, it is essential to have an experienced seating partner, one who collaborates closely to find the right solution. From the initial design process to final installation, teamwork is the key to delivering a better experience—on time and on budget.

Seating Designed to Bring People Together

As the leader in seating for well over a century, we know the importance of longevity. Why do we hold our products to a higher standard for comfort, maintenance, and lasting durability? The answer is simple: because you do.

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