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ITC Translations USA is a woman-owned business enterprise, founded by Céline Imbaud in 1999. We are a privately owned translation company that helps clients eliminate linguistic and cultural barriers so they can conduct local and international business more effectively. ITC assists companies and organizations with their global communications by helping them adopt a wide range of materials for international use, including legal documents, websites, software, marketing materials, user guides, multimedia, training guides, e-learning content and virtually any other type of material that comprises written or spoken content. 

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ITC Translations has a competitively solicited and publicly awarded contract for interpretation and translation services through OMNIA Partners. Learn how your organization can eliminate cultural and linguistic barriers by utilizing ITC Translation's cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners.

About ITC Translations

Through the years, ITC has taken advantage of our experience to improve our project and quality management processes and to master the translation of all types of documents in all language combinations. As a result, our translation company has expanded our client base to include a wide variety of industries. ITC applies translation industry best practices to offer turnkey translation solutions at competitive prices. The key to our success is a combination of expert linguists, rigorous processes, and high standards. 

• Offices in the United States (Florida), Europe (Lyon, France), and Canada (Montreal) 

• Over 3,000 linguists and desktop publishing specialists around the world 

• Professional Insurance: HOSCOX: RCP0080653 

• ITC has NO Litigations or defaults in our 20 years in the translation industry 

• ITC is ISO 17100 Certified 

• ITC is a certified WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise) 

• ITC is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) certified 

Services For All Your Multilingual Projects

Translation & Desktop Publishing

Translation by native translators who are experts in their field, proofreading and editing, machine translation and post-editing, transcreation, multilingual DTP for ready-to-use files. 

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Remote & On-Site Interpreting

Consecutive or simultaneous interpretation: remotely by video or telephone and on-site with an interpreter booth or portable equipment (micro-transmitter and receivers).

E-Learning & Software Localization

Localization of information technology programs, localization of online training programs and distance learning materials. 

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Website Translation & SEO

Website translation and localization, translated SEO optimization. 

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Audio & Video

Localization and audiovisual production: transcription, subtitling, dubbing, voice over, voice casting, synthetic voice. 

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Content Writing

Writing content in the languages of your choice: SEO-optimized web content, blog articles, technical manuals, white papers, etc. 

Contact Information

William Quinn
Chief Strategy Officer 

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