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Johnson-Lancaster is a top-rated food service contractor and kitchen designer with an exceptional reputation. The foundation of their services lies in delivering custom-tailored designs, project management and high-end equipment solutions that robustly meet the needs of each client. Their end-to-end service package includes kitchen layout planning, precision-driven project management and customer service that is as attentive as it is adaptive—promises commercial kitchen efficiency paired with front-of-house charm. 

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At Johnson-Lancaster, we collaborate with restaurateurs, educational culinary programs, hospitality businesses, and food service organizations to craft state-of-the-art commercial kitchen spaces suitable for all culinary endeavors. Our proficient team specializes in providing comprehensive solutions that span the full breadth of kitchen innovation and implementation—ensuring your operations are streamlined and aesthetically pleasing. From strategically designed kitchen systems to cutting-edge equipment, Johnson-Lancaster offers a vast selection of services through a cooperative contract to participating agencies of OMNIA Partners.

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Within an expansive portfolio, one notes a congruence of functionality, regulatory compliance, and aesthetic value across independent eateries all the way to large restaurant chains. With an approach solidified by exact spec book development, seamless coordination of contractors and sub-contractors, and time-honored execution, Clients nationwide trust Johnson Lancaster as their partner for commercial kitchen design, and development.


 At Johnson-Lancaster, we understand the unique challenges faced by public sector dining services in K-12 educational institutions, where cost-effectiveness and compliance are pivotal. Our cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners is expertly crafted for schools that prioritize superior service and efficiency. This agreement harnesses the power of collective buying to deliver significant savings and streamline your procurement process, adhering strictly to compliance standards. It is structured to provide a reliable pathway for schools looking to enhance their culinary spaces with minimized hassle and maximized value. 

With Johnson-Lancaster at your side, tapping into the power of cooperative contracts, you can effortlessly navigate purchasing intricacies—achieving a beautifully designed, highly functional food service operation without the complexities of traditional bidding. We pave the way for educational entities to upgrade their facilities with ease, guaranteeing a blend of affordability, quality, and regulatory conformity that stands second to none.


Managing government dining services demands precision and steadfast commitment to regulation and efficiency. Johnson-Lancaster has exemplified this through our work with the United States Naval Academy on the Alumni Hall and King Hall galley projects. In alliance with OMNIA Partners, our services streamline project management, design-build, and high-end equipment procurement, optimizing cost-effectiveness. We provide government entities with the confidence to deliver exceptional dining experiences, backed by operational excellence and adherence to stringent standards. 

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Johnson-Lancaster, you are entrusting your project to a leader in food service contracting known for creating exceptional commercial kitchens. Our hallmark lies in blending exactitude with peak performance to conceive spaces that are both visually stunning and operationally excellent. With us, the journey from preliminary design concepts to fully functional culinary environments are seamless, grounded in a profound understanding of the needs that drive successful food service operations. 

  • Our tailored approach means that each aspect of your project is thoughtfully curated, from equipment specification precision to the intricacies of complex installations. The result is consistently surpassing our clients' expectations with every space we bring to life. 
  • Our commitment stretches beyond design—it encompasses robust vendor collaborations and diligent sub-contractor management. With a firm grasp on logistics and installation techniques, we expertly oversee the fitting and assemblage of all kitchen components with pristine attention to detail. 
  • As master planners, we create plumbing and electrical diagrams with utmost precision, facilitating smooth regulatory compliance for our clients. Advanced 3D CAD models and SolidWorks drawings underpin our design process, enhancing decision-making by allowing clients to visualize their kitchen spaces before they materialize. 

Choosing Johnson-Lancaster means embracing a partnership that defines excellence in food service contracting. 

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