Jonti CraftFor learning, for a lifetime.

It takes a special touch to design and build furniture for children. You have to know how kids think, how they explore, how they grow, and how they learn most successfully. At Jonti-Craft, we have that special touch – it’s been a part of our heritage from the beginning.

We’re an independent, family company, proud of our Midwestern roots and equally proud to say that our products are made right here in the USA. With a talented group of Jonti-Craft designers, craftsmen and manufacturing, and logistics team members; we’re building premium, handcrafted products for children…that last a lifetime.

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Available through the cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners, Jonti Craft offers premium, handcrafted products for children that last a lifetime to participating nonprofit organizations.

About Jonti Craft

Since 1979, Jonti-Craft has been the leading manufacturer of children’s furniture to create spaces that engage, inspire, and protect young learners. With over 4,000 handcrafted, unique and custom-designed pieces across multiple brands and a wide variety of product categories, we can furnish great learning spaces—from small centers to libraries, special learning areas to classrooms of all sizes, and even complete buildings. We have the selection and options to match everyone’s needs. Our furnishings support the complete spectrum of learning activities in traditional school settings, daycare centers, churches, doctor’s waiting rooms, and many other environments. 

Caring Is Built into Every Product We Make.
Our products are designed and manufactured to contribute to healthier indoor air quality and to support environmentally safe spaces for all. Our products meet several key industry certifications, including Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), California Air Resource Board (CARB)II, and GREENGUARD Gold, which is designed specifically for environments with children. This underscores our deep-seated commitment to delivering products that are air-quality friendly and environmentally safe.

We Respect the Environment.
We choose suppliers that incorporate forestry management plans. We were the first manufacturer of early learning furniture to re-engineer our box-making systems to reduce cardboard waste. For us, recycling is an “inside job” – we recycle nearly 100% of our waste for our own or agricultural uses, and we even offer a product line crafted from 100% recycled materials.

We innovate through design and manufacturing.
Educators, parents, and most importantly, students tell us that our furniture “fits” the way children learn, play, think, and grow. We design with those needs as our priorities.

We deliver lasting quality that’s guaranteed.
Our robust warranty is your assurance of lasting quality and value. Many of our products include a lifetime warranty – which saves you money year after year.


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