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KOMPAN is much more than the No. 1 supplier of innovative playground equipment. Our mission is to make communities happier and healthier through both play and fitness. At the KOMPAN Play Institute, we meticulously research the benefits of our designs on actual users and use real user feedback. Our playgrounds uniformly target cognitive and physical skills so that play is also educational and enriching.  Through our surfacing and site amenities partnerships, we can provide you with products to compliment your playground that are as innovative and high quality as your new KOMPAN equipment.

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KOMPAN products and solutions can be purchased at the guaranteed lowest competitively bid prices on a cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners. We commonly serve local government, including special disticts, public and private schools and universities, state government municipalities and nonprofits. KOMPAN is proud to be a supplier partner of OMNIA Partners.

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Playground Solutions

KOMPAN can now deliver full solution playgrounds that are Born Green or Made Green. Our recycled materials are made from ocean, food-packaging, and textile waste and help reduce carbon emissions while also providing a fun and educational environment for children.

KOMPAN Organic Robinia playgrounds are eye-catching, elegant, and natural. With a full-service agreement, including design, installation, and maintenance, these natural playgrounds are customizable. They offer small and large features and options for all ages and skill levels.


KOMPAN offers a variety of playground play structures to furnish your play area. Choose from slides, jungle gyms, fitness structures and theme structures. Our signage can be used to indicate where it is appropriate for certain ages to play. Our play structures and jungle gyms can communicate a welcoming, wholesome environment to your park, playground, or school. 

Kompan Inc


KOMPAN’s new army of GIANTS come at a staggering height of 23 or 29 feet. The tall GIANT towers are filled with physical and cognitive play activities from top to bottom, inside and out, designed to challenge and Wow school-age children. The themed exterior with printed panels adds an extra layer of creativity by igniting children’s imagination and desire to play.

Net & Rope
Climbing is well suited for children in school and public playgrounds. Our play equipment challenges the physical skills of children and also provides meeting places where they can socialize. Unique and unlike any other climbing structure on the market, our climbers look fantastic and give kids the opportunity for interactive fun.

Sport & Fitness

KOMPAN's sport and fitness products promote happier and healthier communities with unique and innovative concepts and quality materials. As more and more of the world's population moves to cities, communities are becoming increasingly sedentary and access to public space, for physical exercise and outdoor recreation, is decreasing. KOMPAN's outdoor fitness equipment is designed to be motivating, city-friendly, and effective. We are dedicated to discovering new and better ways to activate urban communities with our outdoor gyms.

With the latest offerings from KOMPAN, it’s now possible to fully re-create outdoors what has normally only been available in high-quality indoor training facilities. One of the things we care about is making exercise equipment for people of all sizes and abilities. With KOMPAN products, this is achieved in two ways: scalable user positions and adjustable resistance. KOMPAN's outdoor workout equipment is available in several designs and materials. Check out the video and 2023 Fitness Catalog to discover an outdoor equipment solution for your agencies' needs, available to participants of OMNIA Partners on a cooperative contract.

NEW! Discover the benefits of exercising outdoors vs. indoors in an all new study presented by KOMPAN!  

2023 Fitness Catalog

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Kompan Playground Solutions Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classrooms

To meet the increased need for spacious learning environments, outdoor classrooms can supplement indoor teaching and allow you to create more space for students, add variation in teaching forms all while providing children with the many benefits of learning in the outdoors. With our equipment and expertise you can design a functional outdoor space that will serve both as an innovative outdoor classroom AND a fun activity area - a solution that will alleviate your space problems now and add value forever. 

New Products

Monkey Trails

The Monkey Trails are loaded with multiple exciting play features that attract school aged children to come play. The longer they play on the trail, the better they get at mastering the activities. This opens up new play opportunities in the open-ended net structures to get in motion and use and develop their mind and body skills. The Monkey Trails also offer a lot of flexibility, making it possible to choose between multiple color options, as well as exchange and add activities. Watch the video to learn more!

Scooter Carousel

The Scooter Carousel is small in size but big in fun and excitement! Children will love spinning with their friends in the schoolyard, making this a prime attraction during recess.

Turbo Carousel

Do you want a recess filled with active & excited students? The Turbo Carousel is the perfect stand-alone upgrade for your schoolyard! It provides hours of fun and physical play, with rotating rides full of fun challenges and cooperation. 

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