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KONE is a global supplier of vertical transportation products and modernization services. KONE specializes in elevators, escalators, moving walks and ramps. They design, manufacture, install, and provide modernization, maintenance and repair services. The job of KONE Service Technicians is to make sure that your elevators and escalators run smoothly and dependably.

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Elevators and vertical transportation products and solutions are available to multifamily housing members on a unique program through OMNIA Partners. With a nationwide team of dedicated vertical transportation professionals, KONE can assist with all your service, repair and modernization needs.

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KONE’s primary goal is to ensure maximum availability and protect the integrity of your asset all while ensuring the safest possible environment in and around your equipment. KONE Service Technicians have the integrity, expertise and dedication that have made them leaders in setting global maintenance standards.

Benefits of Working with KONE

  • Industry Leader in Innovation, Technology & Design
  • Professional Sales & Operations Staff 
  • Expertise in both KONE & Non-KONE Equipment
  • KONE Customer Care Center Available to Answer Service Requests 24/7/365
  • Life Cycle Asset Management Program for Code & Performance Upgrades
  • KONE Online™ Web-Based Reporting System with real-time tracking and customized reporting delivered automatically
  • KONE 24/7 Connected Services
  • Dynamic Dispatching Utilizing GPS Technology for efficient and flexible maintenance route planning
  • Safety Locator to Ensure Technician Safety & Support
  • Passenger Safety/Risk Mitigation Programs

Modernize Your Elevators and Escalators

The purpose of KONE modernization solutions is quite simple: to increase the value of your asset by keeping the elevators and escalators running safely and reliably for the lifetime of your building. If your aging escalators are causing increased repair costs, down time, safety concerns, or rider complaints, it’s probably time to consider installing new equipment. When that time arrives, it’s important to know that you have options!

KONE EcoMod escalator modernization utilizes your existing truss, eliminating the need for general contractor work to put your building back together following truss removal. You’ll still get the equivalent of brand-new equipment, with an all-new lifespan – just without all the hassle and disruption. Even if you have an existing contract with another vendor, you can still take advantage of all the benefits of a KONE EcoMod modernization.

Monospace® 500 Flex


With KONE MonoSpace 500 Flex, you don't have to choose between the long-term benefits of a full replacement and the convenience of a simple upgrade. Thanks to innovative KONE MonoSpace 500 Flex manufacturing and installation, your new elevator can be tailored to fit your building's existing hoist way and entrances. With 500,000+ installs over 20 years, we've got you covered.  

ReNova® Door Operator Upgrade


Over 70% of elevator service calls are caused by faulty or worn-out door components. That’s why KONE ReNova high performance door modernization solutions are designed to allow you to retain all, part or none of your existing hoistway door equipment. ReNova is among the fastest open and close times in the industry. Faster doors mean quicker floor-to-floor times and shorter waits for passengers. It also reduces operating noise by 50%, compared to conventional operators.


KONE Care™

KONE Care is a customizable maintenance program designed to keep your elevators and escalators at peak performance. No matter where you purchased your equipment, we've got a plan to fit your building’s needs.

Hurricane Prep

Be Prepared for an Emergency

As we near the height of storms/hurricane season, building managers must understand what's at risk if they don't take the necessary safety precautions with their elevators. If your building is in the storm/hurricane danger zone along the coasts, you don't want to put passengers in unnecessary danger in your elevators following a natural disaster. On top of that, taking precautionary care of elevators can prevent significant damage and avoid costly repairs.

KONE has developed a before, during, and after safety checklist to follow in preparation for a storm/hurricane. For example, before a hurricane, it is important to check all sump pumps, float switches, and alarms in elevator pits. During a hurricane, elevators should be parked at the top floor of the hoistway, with the main breaker switched off. After the storm, inspect every part of the elevator for water, and don't turn it on if water is found.

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