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Landscape Forms is the industry leader in integrated solutions of high-design site furniture, outdoor structure, and custom environments. Based in Kalamazoo, MI for over 50 years, we have designed, developed, and manufactured solutions that help public sector customers create beautiful and functional settings that leverage the many benefits of integrating the outdoors into daily operations. Our outdoor solutions are internationally recognized for their quality of fit and finish, high degree of durability, innovative functionality, nimble versatility, and commitment to sustainability.

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The Landscape Forms cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners provides public sector customers a comprehensive range of high-design outdoor site furnishing and structure solutions to meet a wide variety of needs. Understanding the unique requirements of public agencies, Landscape Forms and OMNIA Partners help K-12, higher education, and state and local organizations achieve their outdoor design visions while taking advantage of group volume to reduce cost, save time, and maximize the returns on their investments.

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A Portfolio of High Design Products, Handcrafted with Durability for Public Spaces

At Landscape Forms, we believe that elevated connections to nature and to one another make for a happier, healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle. We understand that thoughtfully activating public outdoor space is a simple change that can dramatically improve the lives of people who frequent them.


Landscape Forms Elements: Parallel 42 Bench, Key Bike Racks

Solutions for Every Environment

K-12 Education

Landscape Forms’ flexible outdoor elements create fresh air environments that promote wellbeing, spark engaged learning, facilitate social interaction, and enhance experiences for both students and educators.

“Students that engage in learning experiences outside of the classroom report having higher levels of motivation, recall the course material more vividly, and have improved academic performance in the class.” Takeuchi et al. 2016; Ryan and Deci, 2017

Landscape Forms Communal Area

Landscape Forms Elements: Chipman chairs, Chipman stools, Chipman Tables, Chase Park Litters

Higher Education

For college and university students, having inviting places to connect, relax, and study in a central hub is key to building a sense of community and belonging on campus. Enable education, respite, recreation, and dining outdoors by creating settings with a diverse selection of seating, surfaces, and power stations to keep students connected physically and digitally.

“Learning outdoors provides students with better self-confidence, concentration, knowledge retention, and comprehension as well as social, language, communicative, and physical skills.” Palavan et al, 20163

Landscape Forms Bench

Landscape Forms Elements: MultipliCITY Benches, MultipliCITY Tables, Outdoor Charging Stations, TUUCI Sun Shades

State & Local Government

Municipalities, their leaders and their citizens are all asking more of their public spaces. Landscape Forms offers a wide variety of outdoor solutions that enhance equitable access to urban public space, bolster physical and mental wellbeing, and increase a city’s tourism opportunities.

By activating existing and underutilized outdoor areas to invite relaxation, socialization and play, city planners can inspire remarkable cultures that, in turn, enhance the value of surrounding areas.

Landscape Forms Bench Area

Featured Landscape Forms Elements: Stay Bench, Collet Litter




Sun Shades

Umbrella Image

Bike Racks



Plainwell Bench


Connect Shelter

Outdoor Power

Legrand Accent Light




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Litters & Recylcing

Concord Poe Bench

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