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Language Resource Center Inc. (LRC®) is one of the largest interpretation and translation services providers in the country. We provide On-site, Over the Phone (OPI), and Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) services in over 190 languages including American Sign Language, to all industries. Additionally, we offer training and workshops on cultural competence, interpretation, translation, and more. All with unmatched quality thanks to our extensive team of trained and experienced professionals.

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Learn more about Language Resource Center (LRC), the largest interpretation and translation service provider, and their cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing clients and their consumers linguistically and culturally competent services that meet all their language needs. Rooted in the conviction that cultural gaps can be bridged in all industries and between all people, Language Resource Center provides unparalleled interpretation and translation services to support healthcare, government, legal, commercial, and educational institutions better serve their culturally diverse members.

Our Services

On-Site Interpreting
Our professional interpreters can meet your language needs at your desired location, pre-requested or on-demand, for over 230 languages.  

Over-The-Phone Interpreting
Ideal for short encounters or emergency situations, our telephone interpreters are available on-demand 24/7 in a wide range of languages.  

Video Remote Interpreting
This reliable option allows for consumers and interpreters to have access to visual information essential for effective communication without necessarily having the interpreter on-site. 

American Sign Language (ASL)
Available on-site and via video, our ASL interpreters are nationally-certified professionals dedicated to supporting the deaf and hard of hearing community. 

Language Assessments
Our language assessment services provide comprehensive insight into proficiency in English and selected foreign languages by the highest standards in the industry. 

Trainings and Workshops
From basic to advanced levels, our highly interactive and engaging trainings are imparted by professional trainers with years of experience and vast knowledge in their fields. 

Translation Services 
From simple posters to complex research papers, we translate written materials of any kind to over 230 languages; all with top quality guaranteed by our five (5)-step review process and high translation standards. 

Centralized Scheduling
Our Customer Service Specialists work every day around the clock to meet your interpreter scheduling needs with utmost efficiency and efficacy thanks to the use of advanced technology and years of experience 

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