Lawson ProductsMaintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Supplies and Related Services

Lawson offers a broad line of maintenance and repair products, as well as site-level inventory management services and technical support. With over 700 Lawson Representatives across the U.S., we stand ready to help you deliver value and cost savings to your end-users.

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Lawson Prodcuts is proud to offer a GPO contract for Maintenance, Repair, Operations Supplies and Related Services available through OMNIA Partners, Private Sector. Get in contact today.

Lawson Managed Inventory

Lawson Managed Inventory is much more than filling bins and cabinets; it's a combination of the right products, reliable service and application expertise you can only get from your dedicated Lawson sales representative. Your Lawson Representative ensures the products you need are on-hand and stocked according to how you run your business, while also saving you valuable time and money in the process. By leveraging th partnership with OMNIA Partners, you'll secure access to these key benefits: 

  • Eliminate time spent taking inventory and re-ordering small parts.
  •  Minimize time spent looking for products.
  •  Reduce unplanned trips to off-site stores looking for parts.
  •  Lessen project downtime by having the right parts stocked and ready for use.
A Lawson Products Transformation

The Lawson Products Advantage

  • Dedicated e-procurement website offers one of the fastest integrations in the industry
  •  Standards-based e-procurement solutions for hassle free integration
  •  E-invoicing capabilities
  •  Ariba Ready certified for catalog and punchout
  •  Customized catalogs and customer-specific pricing
  •  Knowledgeable team of seasoned professionals supporting implementations
  •  Advanced features such as on the fly spot buy and instant quotes complement the VMI services offered by our experienced sales representatives


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