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Lawson offers a broad line of maintenance and repair products, as well as site-level inventory management services and technical support. With over 700 Lawson Representatives across the U.S., we stand ready to help you deliver value and cost savings to your end-users.

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Lawson Products is a leading distributor of fleet and facility maintenance products in North America. We serve state and local governments, school districts, colleges, and universities with our contract available through OMNIA Partners. Public agencies can now browse and purchase from these contracts through OPUS.

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MRO Contract Benefits & Highlights

Lawson Products proudly offers a broad range of fleet, facility, and grounds maintenance products at deeply discounted prices to OMNIA Partners, Public Sector participants. But the value doesn’t stop there; we also offer the following benefits included without additional cost as a part of Lawson’s contract:

  • Deeply discounted pricing
  • Free freight
  • Cost- and time-saving inventory management services
  • Unlimited sourcing capabilities of hard-to-find products
  • e-procurement integration
  • Free product and safety training
  • Fast shipments and high fill-rates
  • Annual rebate - 5% uncapped rebate on sales over $30,000 per contract year (April 1 of the current year to March 31 of the following year)

Lawson Managed Inventory

Lawson Managed Inventory is much more than filling bins and cabinets; it's a combination of the right products, reliable service and application expertise you can only get from your dedicated Lawson sales representative. Your Lawson Representative ensures the products you need are on-hand and stocked according to how you run your business, while also saving you valuable time and money in the process. By leveraging th partnership with OMNIA Partners, you'll secure access to these key benefits: 

  • Eliminate time spent taking inventory and re-ordering small parts.
  •  Minimize time spent looking for products.
  •  Reduce unplanned trips to off-site stores looking for parts.
  •  Lessen project downtime by having the right parts stocked and ready for use.

Product Spotlight

With over 30 years of service and dedication, Lawson Products Tru-Torq® and Tuff-Torq® fastening systems provide significant savings by decreasing the frequency of maintenance bolting which reduces loss of production time, idle machines, idle labor and upset production schedules. Tru-Torq® and Tuff-Torq® provide increased consistency, reliability, and superior strength compared to standard grade 8 fastening systems.

Hook & Hold™ threadlocker cures between threads within high (red) and medium (blue) strength formulas. They prevent assemblies from loosening, making them virtually leak, shock, and vibration proof, while achieving excellent chemical resistance. 

Check out the product flyers below to find the solution that best fits your needs, available to participating public agencies of OMNIA Partners.

Automotive Parts & Supplies

Kent Automotive is a division of Lawson Products that services the body/collision repair and vehicle service industries. In the public sector, Lawson Products, together with Kent Automotive, serves the fleet and equipment repair segment through its product offering of vehicle and transit maintenance products.

Participants of OMNIA Partners can take advantage of Kent Automotive products through a competitively solicited cooperative contract.

Government agencies and departments that partner with Lawson Products and Kent Automotive at the state, county, city, and education levels include:

  • Transit Authorities
  • Departments of Public Works
  • Fleet Management Departments
  • School Bus Hubs
  • Parks Departments
  • K-12 schools
  • Higher Education institutions
  • Departments of Corrections
  • Vocational and technical schools, and more

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