Lerch Bates Inc.Trusted Technical Consultants Delivering Optimized Building Performance

From risk to ROI, schedule to sustainability, Lerch Bates’s suite of multidisciplinary services helps you plan for the future of your building at every phase of the building lifecycle. Our whole-building approach to optimized performance includes technical expertise in Vertical Transportation, Enclosures & Structures, Building Logistics, Façade Access, Forensics and Pedestrian Circulation. Go to LerchBates.com to learn more. 

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Lerch Bates is an internationally acclaimed elevator and escalator consulting firm with 35 offices in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and India. A team of architects, developers, building investors, owners and managers on the design, sustainability and continuous use of a wide spectrum of building systems for any size or type of building. Learn how to utilize an OMNIA Partners contract for your elevator service needs. 

Lerch Bates

Trusted Technical Consultants Delivering Optimized Building Performance

We pair deep technical knowledge with the values that drive us: a culture of partnership, a commitment to responsive communication, and a belief that we are all stronger when technical solutions are sustainable. With our senior consultants averaging 25+ years of experience and projects spanning 50 countries, your project is in proven hands. Go to LerchBates.com/projects to see our portfolio of projects in the education, government and nonprofit sectors, and beyond. 

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Ensuring Your Elevators and Escalators Are Valuable Assets

Founded in 1947, Lerch Bates was the first elevator consultancy in the U.S. Today, we’re still the most trusted. From the highest-profile towers and campus complexes to single hotel or office building, our elevator and escalator consulting is backed by unmatched experience and a trusted reputation by clients and vendors alike. See how we can help you reduce total project cost in modernizations, realize your vision in design, or transform your maintenance. 

“I was faced with the option of making a $20k upgrade or a $800k rehab to my elevator problem and wasn’t sure which was the right one for our organization. Lerch Bates helped me discern the right choice given all the factors.”

- Lerch Bates Solutions ™ Client

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Elevators and escalators are one of the most visible and highly utilized assets in your building. One of the very first impressions a visitor, student, employee, or tenant has of your building is how does your elevator work.  Lerch Bates can help you design, manage, and maintain your vertical transportation systems in a way that also helps you manage your capital spend and operating expenses. This becomes a winning combination for all. Lerch Bates specializes in elevator and escalator consulting at any point in your building’s life, from design and construction through asset management and modernization.  

Repair & Modernize

Modernization ‘resets’ your equipment lifecycle and extends the life of your asset for another 20-25 years. We deliver services that ensure your upgrade is delivered on time, on budget and at the highest quality standards while disrupting the day-to-day activities in your building as little as possible. 


We do more than manage – we solve problems. Lerch Bates Solutions™ is designed to protect your investment. Whether it’s the constant issues with your elevator or escalator system, a frustrating relationship with your service company, or unexpected costs and invoices, maintenance management can be a drain on your time, energy and budget. Ensure you’re receiving the services you’re paying for – and not being overcharged - with influence, insight technology only Lerch Bates Solutions ™ can provide. 


We optimize core utilization, ensure implementation goes smoothly, and help you plan for and prevent future problems. Our recommendations consider peak traffic patterns, average wait time, capacity handling, average time to destination, mixed-use and priority services requirements, and assumptions about future populations in your building. Plus, our pedestrian circulation simulations visually articulate how your building will perform post-construction with real-time traffic flow simulations from sidewalk to seat. 


We develop scaled final drawings, performance-based equipment specification and a preventative maintenance agreement. Leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge, we deliver the best elevator contractor for your needs. Our services include bid management, award recommendation and contract support recommendations. We provide submittal review and approval, jobs reports and progress meetings, and final project review and punch list. 

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