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Lightspeed Systems is dedicated to providing time-saving solutions and empowering districts to focus where it matters most—students and learning. Lightspeed provides one integrated platform of cloud-managed solutions: Security & Compliance, Safety & Wellness, and Engagement & Impact, purpose-built for school networks and devices. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Lightspeed serves more than 20 million students using 11 million devices in 28,000 schools throughout 42 countries.

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Lightspeed solutions are designed to surface insights and facilitate workflows needed to ensure a safe, secure, and compliant learning environment that works on any device, anywhere learning takes place. As a committed partner in privacy and security for more than 20 years, Lightspeed ensures secure student data with technical and administrative safeguards in place. And with a keen understanding of the staff and resource shortages in primary education, Lightspeed has focused resources on client success to provide implementation guidance, support, and an easy procurement process.

Lightspeed Solutions

Lightspeed Security and Compliance Logo

Protect students, devices, and data from the inside out

Lightspeed’s Security & Compliance solution serves as a critical layer of schools’ InfoSec and data privacy strategies.

  • Gain insights into the safety and usage of tools and devices.
  • Block access to inappropriate sites.
  • Manage third-party privacy policies.
  • Meet regulations to continue keeping systems, users, and data safe.


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Improve school climate and identify students in crisis—before a critical event occurs

Lightspeed’s Safety & Wellness solution helps districts reach struggling students earlier and take life-changing steps to protect their community.

  •  Proactively identify students in crisis, allowing early intervention.
  •  Online activity monitoring and risk analysis.
  •  24/7/365 human review and threat escalation.


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Get the best of edtech and classroom management in one platform

Lightspeed’s Engagement & Impact solution helps schools easily invest in and support edtech resources that are making the greatest instructional impact.

  •  Save staff time.
  •  Maximize instruction time.
  •  Scale digital learning.
  •  Bridge the digital divide.


Solution Products:

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Solution Products:

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Lightspeed Classroom Management Product Solution Logo

Solution Products:

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Lightspeed Products

Lightspeed Filter Product Graphic
Lightspeed Filter Product Logo

Protect students from harmful online content wherever they are learning

Get flexibility and control to promote learning and exploration without hindering productivity or compromising end-user privacy.

  • Scale with our cloud-hosted, device-level patented technology without increasing costs or compromising on performance.
  • Get consistent coverage and reporting for all OSes, popular devices, and browsers.
  • Manage customizable policies for all users, on and off campus, including BYOD and IoT.

Prevent access to millions of inappropriate sites, images, and videos faster and more accurately with the most extensive AI database.

Lightspeed Digital Insight Product Graphic
Lightspeed Digital Insight Logo

Gain full visibility and control of edtech use across your district

Lightspeed Digital Insight empowers IT and instructional technology leaders with a single view of district edtech usage to quickly understand app engagement, ensure the value and security of their investments, and manage their digital learning ecosystem. View robust analytics, streamline data privacy management, simplify app approvals, and ensure equitable connectivity for all students.

  • Improve decision making with actionable, real-time, standardized metrics on app usage and engagement.
  • Simplify your edtech review and approval process.
  • Streamline manual edtech data privacy management.

Ensure equitable connectivity for all students.

Lightspeed Alert Product Photo
Alert Product Logo

Identify students in crisis— before a critical event occurs

Lightspeed Alert is an at-risk student identification solution that monitors and analyzes student online activity for signs of self-harm, violence, and bullying. By enabling early intervention, Lightspeed Alert empowers schools to take a proactive approach to student safety. Improve decision making with actionable, real-time, standardized metrics on app usage and engagement.

  • Comprehensive coverage provides visibility into early warning signs.
  • Patented AI technology identifies concerning online indicators and alerts designated staff.

A highly-trained human review team augments staff resources 24/7/365.

LS Classroom Management Graphic
Classroom Management Device Logo

Keep students engaged and focused on digital learning

Lightspeed Classroom Management helps teachers effectively manage classrooms in this 1:1 world. Save teachers time with real-time visibility and control of student device activity, so teachers can keep students focused and manage lessons with ease.

  • Ensure all students interact with only the right online curriculum— precisely when they're supposed to use it.
  • Push out vetted curriculum links to all students at the same time.
  • Block inappropriate or distracting websites and apps.

Help teachers maintain the necessary level of instructional control.

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Mobile Device Management Logo

Scalable and Efficient Learning Device Management

Lightspeed Mobile Device Management™ equips district IT leaders with a centralized, cloud-based solution for infinitely scalable device, application, and policy controls. Ensure safe and secure management of student learning resources with real-time visibility and reporting essential for effective distance learning.

  • Equip district IT leaders with a centralized, cloud-based solution for scalable device, application, and policy controls.
  • Lessen the workload of the IT team with the Self-Service Portal, where teachers and students can access and install approved curriculum and learning tools.

Remotely deploy, change, and revoke hundreds of policies and educational applications without handling any devices, while reducing typical downtime and costs.

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