Lion National CorpAffiliate Compliance Management

LNC’s Affiliate Compliance Management contract with OMNIA Partners facilitates a partnership between member agencies such as municipalities and school districts with pre-vetted, pre-qualified contractors and service providers whose proven history of success ensures that top quality work is provided in an efficient and competent manner. Pre-approved pricing means that agencies can access lower-cost products and services through the buying power of the large network. Project start and delivery times are greatly reduced through streamlined procurement processes offered exclusively through cooperative purchasing vehicles.

LNC serves as an independent, third-party administrator to ensure compliance with state and local procurement law. This oversight further promotes the ethical spending of public funds through transparency of process. All proposals for goods and services are audited to ensure that the pricing is compliant with the terms of the contract. Our internal team includes experts in project identification, project execution, price book (catalog) estimating, contract auditing and compliance, cooperative purchasing, and government contracting.

This contracting vehicle can be used for a broad range of construction, facility services, product/software solutions and other goods and services that are used in the building, owning, operating, maintenance and management of businesses to OMNIA Partners members. These include but are not limited to; construction, repair, renovations, alterations, upgrades and maintenance projects, supplies, professional services, and more.