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Lionbridge's interpretation and translation services are made available to our government customers, 24/7/365, in over 350 different languages, through one of the industry's largest network of trained, tested, and qualified linguists.

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Learn more about the language service offerings Lionbridge provides under our OMNIA Partners agreement. 

Contract Highlights

Lionbridge Over-The-Phone Interpretation Services
Do you need backup for your internal bilingual staff or a way to communicate with stakeholders that don't speak your staff's primary language(s)? Lionbridge's over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) service bridges language gaps to enable effective multilingual communications. It also improves the OPI customer experience by making interactions faster and more efficient while using less customer service representative time -- resulting in better customer experience at a lower cost.

Lionbridge is one of the largest over-the-phone interpretation companies in the world and trusted by healthcare, insurance, financial services, technology, manufacturing, and government clients ranging from the Internal Revenue Service and Kember Insurance to the Department of Homeland Security and Symantec.

Clients benefit from Lionbridge's Over the Phone Interpretation Services

  • Support for 350+ languages & dialects available 24x7x365 with no monthly minimums required-- pay only for time used
  • State-of-the-art telephony platform delivering connection times ranging from 15 seconds on average for common languages like Spanish to 30 seconds on average across all languages
  • Highest levels of network security and over-the-phone interpreter quality
  • Automated alerting to increase interpreter resources in seconds to support changes in interpretation volume
  • Dedicated customer success managers that understand your organization and its unique needs
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting that provide detailed insight into key performance metrics

GeoFluent Virtual Translator

Designed for self-service and agent-assisted digital channels such as chat, email, and ticketing.

GeoFluent Virtual Translator, a SaaS-based solution, provides patented, award-winning, real-time translation capabilities. The Virtual Translator solution plugs into customers' existing contact center, service management, and enterprise communication & collaboration platforms. It also can be leveraged across IM, email, blogs, forums, virtual assistants, and knowledge bases in addition to applications like chat and ticketing.

By integrating into existing platforms, GeoFluent Virtual Translator extends customers' investments and requires no change to how organizations currently interact with customers, partners, or employees.

GeoFluent Translate
Removes the inefficiencies and extra cost found with most language providers to provide high-quality translation for many content types.
GeoFluent Translate helps clients streamline the traditionally inefficient translation and localization process. The solution includes a branded enterprise portal that leverages client-based language customization for increased quality.

The GeoFluent Translate portal is built upon flat-rate pricing across language pairs, workflows that provide instant quotes and timelines, and streamlined processes that allow for 24/7 project submission and the ability to select the translation method: GeoFluent customized real-time translation or human translation.

Over the Phone Interpretation Services (OPI)

24/7/365 OPI Access. Millions of Minutes Per Month. 

An industry-leader in translation and interpretation, Lionbridge provides fast, accurate over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services in 350+ languages. Our expert linguists bridge language gaps, enabling effective multilingual communication and driving better customer experiences. 

With Lionbridge OPI, you benefit from faster and more efficient interactions that use less of your customer service representatives' valuable time and yield better CX at a lower cost. 

Lionbridge OPI Fast Facts

With Lionbridge OPI, you'll benefit from: 

  • The largest language list in the industry, with 350+ languages supported
  • Fast connections (8-10 second connection time for Spanish; 12-15 second connection time for other top languages)
  • Robust telephony platform with consistent uptime (99.95% or greater)
  • Real-time reporting to view data on volume, language mix, and KPIs
  • Call flow and account setup tailored to each individual customer's needs
  • Dedicated single-point-of-contact Customer Service Manager
  • Technology enhancements to the traditional OPI call flow that improve both the agent's and the customer's experience
  • A secure partner with industry-leading confidentiality, compliance, and risk management programs

Translation Solution

Organizational Translation, Simplified. Translation Doesn't Have to Be Such a Challenge.

Translation spend within organizations comes from multiple departments. All companies struggle to find an all-encompassing, budget-friendly solution that satisfies the needs of internal stakeholders. Many companies that engage external translation partners face common challenges: slow turnaround times, inconsistent quality, brand voice dilution, highly variable project fees, and a lack of insight into and management of the review process. 

Pressure builds. Friction arises between stakeholders trying to capitalize on opportunities and managers charged with centralizing and streamlining enterprise standards and processes. How can companies solve these challenges? 

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