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LithTec™ is a High-Performance combination of proprietary premium components with traditional cementitious elements that when mixed in road base materials create unprecedented load bearing capacity and water resistance in road foundations. 

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About Lithified Technology

A LithTec™ treated base achieves the same strength as asphalt for 80% less, enabling the structural credits in the road design to be transferred into the base.  Since every inch of LithTec™ treated base is equal to 1” of asphalt, the asphalt surface can then be reduced by as much as 67%, saving the entire project between 25% and 50%.  Alternatively, as chip seal surface on top of a LithTec™ treated base is equivalent to chip seal on top of asphalt, which will provide asphalt performance for 75% less cost than asphalt.  

LithTec™ formulations are customized for every project and material to ensure maximum performance and longevity of your road.  All Geotechnical testing in the lab and field installations are included in every project. 

Turn gravel roads into an all-weather, long lasting, low maintenance road or rebuild failing asphalt roads through the Full Depth Lithification (FDL) recycle in place process to provide the “long term solution” rather than “mill and fill or mill and overlay” process that is a very short term solution.  Whatever is happening in the road’s foundation is what caused the road to fail.  LithTec™ increases the strength of untreated base course from 25,000 psi modulus to 500,000 psi in modulus to provide the long-term solution. 

Difference Between Soil Stabilizers and Accelerated Lithification

Accelerated Lithification Process

Lithification is Mother Nature’s complex process involving naturally occurring minerals combined with heat, moisture, pressure and time that gradually turn soil to rock over thousands of years. Lithified Technologies’ “Accelerated Lithification” technology uses the same naturally occurring minerals along with accelerators and an eco-friendly trade secret technology formulation that turns your road materials into Nature’s Concrete™ in 24 hours! 

LithTec™, is not a “soil stabilizer” as the word implies it is trying to stabilize the soil by making it sticky with tree products such as lignin or tree sap or trying to glue the soil together with polymers. LithTec™ forms new aluminum and silica chains at the molecular level, which transforms the soil into a rock hard water resistant road foundation. 

LithTec™ provides the unique combination of strength, ductility. Lift tech achieves the strength of cement at half the dosage and provides much higher ductility, so it does not have the brittleness and cracking that occurs with soil cement. 

Recycle Materials You've Already Paid For

Traditional road designs have a cap on the structural credits that can be derived from the base course layer, which typically will have 25,000 psi modulus, as measured by resilient modulus. Depending on the amount of traffic and the wait loads anticipated on that road will determine the thickness of the asphalt where the balance of the structural credits are in the road design. The asphalt layer is the most expensive component road construction, and those costs have gone up dramatically since 2020 with the increased cost of oil and gas. 

A LithTec™ treated base can achieve the same strength as asphalt for $.20 on the dollar, saving 80% in achieving the required strength. In addition, the asphalt thickness can be reduced to 2 inches, achieving additional savings.  

LithTec™ can be installed at three different scenarios involving road construction or reconstruction. The first opportunity occurs in new construction, when the treated base course achieves 500,000 psi modulus rather than 25,000 psi modulus which is found in high-quality base course.  Building a road with this kind of loadbearing capacity and resistance to water from the beginning will result in a long lasting road with minimum future maintenance.  All roads require maintenance however if it can be contained to the surface layer and you never have to rebuild the road’s foundation, (which is the most expensive form of reconstruction), this is referred to as a “Perpetual Road” which is the goal of all DOTs these days.   

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