LSS HoldingsUV-C Stationary and Autonomous Indoor Air Cleaning Systems and Services

LSS Holdings and its family of companies have one overarching mission, and that is to make buildings safer and healthier places to occupy. Servicing the entire United States, and completing over 60,000 projects, LSS Holdings’ three primary brands help OMNIA Partners members make their buildings safer.

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LSS Holdings is excited to work with OMNIA Partners' participants to keep buildings safer and healthier.

Ways that LSS Holdings Keeps Buildings Safe

  • LSS Life Safety Services is the industry leader in passive fire protection inspection and repair. LSS provides fire damper and door inspection and repair, as well as fire-stopping and other fire safety services. LSS services are required by state and local building codes, and as well as by CMS for healthcare facilities.
  • Hughes Environmental is a provider of a detailed industrial cleaning and indoor air quality services for commercial properties. These services include HVAC systems cleaning, facility disinfecting, high surface cleaning, ceiling tile restoration, and other specialty services. Hughes also offers many indoor air quality products, including a wide range of UVC Lighting Solutions, and air purification devices.
  • Safenetix understands that many clients don’t have the financial means to contract vendors to perform safety inspections yet still want to keep their buildings in compliance and safe. Safenetix offers E-Learning courses and certifications for facility management staff who want to learn how to inspect fire safety devices per code. Additionally, Safenetix provides the facility’s team with the tools to perform the inspections with mobile inspection apps for iOS and Android devices.

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