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Featuring the largest PK-12 collection of age-appropriate print and digital titles, Mackin is a premiere provider of the highest quality resources for the library and classroom. Mackin provides cutting-edge educational materials, one-source ordering, and unequaled services worldwide, available through OMNIA Partners.

Mackin offers exclusive discounts off to OMNIA members, providing an additional 8% off prices for language print titles, 5% off print references and professional materials, 7% off eBooks and digital audio, and 3% off multimedia and makerspace products, all of which are already available at up to 40% off publisher's list price.

With a commitment to advancing education, Mackin provides nearly 4.2 million titles from over 18,000 publishers through a continually updated online catalog at Mackin provides nearly any text you need, including:

  • Books in multiple bindings – including hardcover, library, paperback, and MackinBound formats
  • eBooks, digital audiobooks, streaming videos, and educational databases, all available on our free, school-centric digital resource platform, MackinVIA™
  • eBooks and Books in 93 languages
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Available through the cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners, Mackin provides library & classroom materials including books, ebooks, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, educational software and online databases.

Print Books in Various Bindings

Our extensive collection of print books comes in a variety of bindings to suit every need. From durable hardcovers and library-bound editions to flexible paperbacks and our unique MackinBound format, our selection is designed to withstand the rigors of classroom use while catering to different budgetary requirements. This diverse range ensures that educators can provide students with high-quality, age-appropriate reading materials that endure.

Mackin Print Books in Various Bindings

Library Services

Mackin Educational Resources delivers specialized library services, enriching collections with diverse print and digital resources. We guide librarians in developing collections that meet educational standards and student interests and assist with efficient cataloging and processing for easy integration. Our focus is on transforming school libraries into dynamic, inclusive learning hubs.

Mackin Educational Desktop

MackinVIA: Digital Learning Hub

MackinVIA, our all-encompassing digital resource platform, revolutionizes the way educators and students access and engage with digital content. This user-friendly platform offers a vast selection of eBooks, audiobooks, educational videos, and PK-12 databases, providing learners with instant access to a world of knowledge. Digital purchases from Mackin also receive a FREE MackinVIA account, which provides a single portal to store and access all of your school’s or library’s ebooks and databases.

Classroom Services

Mackin excels in providing comprehensive classroom services designed to enhance the educational experience. Recognizing the diverse needs of classrooms, Mackin offers solutions that range from building custom classroom libraries to integrating technology in learning environments. Our services include expert curation of books and materials aligned with curriculum standards.

Mackin Educational Classroom Library

MackinMaker Makerspace Products

MackinMaker, a division of Mackin Educational Resources, is dedicated to promoting hands-on, creative learning by providing a wide range of makerspace products. Our makerspace products are carefully selected to support STEM/STEAM education and foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration among students. MackinMaker's offerings are more than just products; they are gateways to empowering students with the skills and confidence to become creators and innovators in the 21st century.

Professional Development with Mackin Learning

Mackin Learning represents a pivotal aspect of Mackin's offerings, focusing on professional development for educators. Mackin Learning honors the brilliance that strong educators bring to the table and provides motivating, custom frameworks to help transform teaching.  When it comes to professional learning, every school is different. Mackin Learning's guidance is tailored to fit your distinctive goals.

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