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Featuring the largest PK-12 collection of age-appropriate print and digital titles, Mackin is a premiere provider of the highest quality resources for the library and classroom. Mackin provides cutting-edge educational materials, one-source ordering, and unequaled services worldwide, available through OMNIA Partners.

Mackin offers exclusive discounts off to OMNIA members, providing an additional 8% off prices for language print titles, 5% off print references and professional materials, 7% off eBooks and digital audio, and 3% off multimedia and makerspace products, all of which are already available at up to 40% off publisher's list price.

With a commitment to advancing education, Mackin provides nearly 4.2 million titles from over 18,000 publishers through a continually updated online catalog at Mackin provides nearly any text you need, including:

  • Books in multiple bindings – including hardcover, library, paperback, and MackinBound formats
  • eBooks, digital audiobooks, streaming videos, and educational databases, all available on our free, school-centric digital resource platform, MackinVIA™
  • eBooks and Books in 93 languages
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Available through the cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners, Mackin provides library & classroom materials including books, ebooks, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, educational software and online databases.

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Mackin Educational Resources Contract Documentation

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Instructional and Educational Resources

Region 14 ESC - TX

Contract Number: 11-75

May 1, 2023 through April 30, 2026
Option to renew for two (2) additional one-year periods through April 30, 2028

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