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Johnson Health Tech was founded in 1975 in Taichung, Taiwan. Johnson Health Tech started its business model as an original equipment manufacturer for multiple brands in the fitness equipment industry. In 2001, Johnson Health Tech established Matrix Fitness, a brand positioned for the global commercial segment.

Headquartered just outside Madison, Wisconsin, our North American office houses our US business operation, plus global marketing, product design, research and development. JHTNA operates East Coast, Central and West Coast warehouses that are strategically positioned to minimize the time it takes to deliver our products to our customers. Also located near Milwaukee, WI is our advanced strength production facility that manufactures racks, free weights and plate-loaded equipment. When facilities choose Matrix, they get more than the world’s finest equipment. They get a robust product portfolio, connected technology, facility planning, marketing support, industry-leading warranties, unmatched customer support and a partner who will be there every step of the way. Together, there’s no detail of their facility we can’t refine, reimagine or reinvent.

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Matrix Fitness is the industry’s fastest growing manufacturer of commercial fitness equipment and a favorite choice of fitness facilities worldwide. We have grown to be one of the leading fitness equipment brands in the global commercial segment through new product development, continuous innovation, strategic partnerships, distribution excellence, superior customer tech support and forward-thinking business solutions for our customers.

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Products and Services

Matrix has a complete portfolio of products to help you deliver a uniform fitness experience. All of our industry-leading designs are intuitive and easy-to-operate. Familiar touchpoints across products reduces a user’s learning curve so they can easily get on and go.

• Treadmills
Striking the perfect balance between engineering and aesthetics, our treadmills attract more attention and require less maintenance than anything you put next to them. Exclusive features like our Ultimate Deck that offers over 25,000 miles of maintenance-free performance and our Dynamic Response Drive System that provides the smoothest, most consistent performance on the market mean that our treadmills are built better from head to toe.

• Rowers
Sleek-yet-robust design offers whisper-quiet operation, a smoother stroke, easy adjustment and repeatable resistance levels to create an unmatched rowing experience. A versatile, exceptionally comfortable design makes it easy to switch between speed work, distance rowing and high-intensity interval training, and accurate, complete data feedback will help your users measure improvement to get the most out of their precious workout time.

• Cycles
Performance, comfort and styling make our cycles a favorite for members, while easy use and streamlined maintenance make them a top choice for owners, trainers and service techs. And with self-powered options, you can place them anywhere in your facility.

• Training Cycles
Our Training Cycles give you everything you need to attract more riders and make your group cycling classes a core part of their training regimen. All of our durable Training Cycles feature optimized ergonomics and intuitive adjustments that make it hassle-free for every member — no matter what their body type or ability level — to experience the feel of a real outdoor ride. From the seat to the handlebars to the controls, we’ve incorporated thoughtful design details that make each ride comfortable and natural. We’ve even simplified setup and service, so it’s easy to get your group class started and keep all your members happy with dynamic cycles.

• Ascents & Ellipticals
Matrix Ascent Trainers and ellipticals provide smooth, stable, natural movement that makes every workout comfortable and efficient. Our Ascent Trainers deliver a dynamic full-body workout in a compact footprint that helps you make efficient use of your cardio floor, and our ellipticals are unmatched when it comes to delivering a synchronized, natural exercise experience.

• Climbmills
Give your users the most authentic stair-climbing workout on the market with a combination of high-design, low-maintenance machines. Our Control Zone and Step Positioning Software help users workout safely and smoothly, our exclusive Sweat Management System protects critical components to extend the life of your equipment.

• S-Drive Performance Trainers
Bring our S-Drive Performance Trainer to your fitness center to offer members an incredibly versatile high-intensity interval training (HIIT) solution. Placed between weight or functional training stations, your members can take on all-out sprints, sled pushes or parachute training with magnetic resistance settings just right for their ability level and goals. This multipurpose piece of equipment can help users of all ability levels improve conditioning and refine form with precise, immediate feedback from instructors.

• Free Weights
No fitness center is complete without a selection of premium free weights, the time-tested backbone of the strength training experience. Choose from our flagship strength series to find the combination of function and ergonomics just right for you. Exclusive features like patented breaker benches and high-style industrial design will prove a draw for aspiring fitness enthusiasts and seasoned lifters alike.

• Single Station
Our amazing selection of single-station machines are nothing short of ideal for members ready to focus on refining specific muscle groups. Each and every variety we offer makes it easy for members to quickly select their weight and exercise safely in a self-contained unit. Operation is intuitive, and our high-performance designs ensure that your members are getting the most out of every set, every rep and every moment they spend pursuing their fitness goals.

• Multi-Station
Multi-station units help you make the most of your floor space and help your members make the most of their workout time. Smart designs let users take on multiple exercises in a small space, quickly adjusting settings to maximize impact and results. To attract even more exercise enthusiasts to your fitness center, add ultra-versatile functional trainers that provide an unparalleled workout in an efficiently enclosed space.

• Racks & Platforms
When serious strength-training enthusiasts see our premium racks on your floor, they’ll know they’re in the right place and keep coming back for more. Everything we offer features heavy-duty construction that stands up to the most rigorous use environments, plus stylish industrial design that draws the eye and dares the user to go for a new personal best.

• Plate Loaded
Plate-loaded units are nothing short of essential when it comes to helping your members exercise major muscle groups and push their strength training limits. Thoughtful design and incredible attention to detail make our ever-popular stations easier to load, unload and access, so members can get the work they need, where they need it, and keep on going.

• Xult Accessories
New from Johnson Health Tech, XULT Fitness celebrates the superior strength training experience by providing a wide array of equipment designed to build better bodies and maximize athletic performance. From strength to endurance, from major muscle groups to task-specific enhancements, XULT has the gear to help exercise enthusiasts redefine themselves from head to toe.

• Med CE Products
Because of our commitment to serving the needs of therapeutic, rehab and active-aging professionals, select products go beyond dynamic performance and lasting durability to earn the Med CE Certification under the European Medical Device directive. These products are specifically manufactured to meet stringent international standards for safety, biocompatible materials and function to help healthcare providers follow exact training protocols and implement patient programs with confidence in accurate results and quantifiable progress

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