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Municipal Parking Services, or MPS, is redefining the way that cities and businesses manage their parking operations. But, MPS is  --- More than Parking. MPS offers a TotalSystem Solution --- encompassing innovative parking products and services as well as security and communications components --- all with the vision and the objective of producing safer and smarter cities.

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Are you looking to streamline your parking management services and solutions? Get in contact with a representative to learn how a cooperative contract with Municipal Parking Services, available through OMNIA Partners, can reduce your spend and improve your resource management.

Municipal Parking Services Overview

MPS’ new and advanced Sentry Meter™ and the Sentry™ Link analytics, management and reporting network, improve productivity while dramatically increasing revenues and driving down costs.

Sentry is a parking meter, but it’s also a publicly available, customizable resource that can broadcast important messages, emergency alerts and targeted advertising – and perform point of sale transactions. Capabilities include:

  • Emergency messaging – broadcast emergency messages for adverse weather conditions, construction activities or security threats.
  • Two-Way Communications – Allow users to make VoIP-powered support, 911 and 311 calls – audio or video.
  • Community Information– Keep citizens informed of upcoming events and special attractions – post a map, take a poll.
  • Paid Advertising– Support business-building activities for national and local merchants by enabling highly targeted advertisements and promotions.


Each Sentry parking meter is an intelligent, self-contained computer that is integrated with Sentry Link and equipped withan arsenal of state-of-the-art components and features that aid in improving a city’s safety and security. Capabilities include:

  • High-Def, Wide-Angle Cameras. Each meter has two cameras facing the street and one facing the sidewalk.
  • Audio. Broadcast emergency messages through the meter’s speakers.
  • Data Networking. Sentry Link dispatches photo files and data to run license plate numbers through databases to compare to those flagged for outstanding violations, criminal records, amber alerts or stolen cars.


The Sentry Meter is also configurable as a parking lot kiosk. The Sentry Lot solution automates parking operations with precision monitoring and management for hourly, daily and permit parking as well as the capability to issue violations and notifications. This is a turnkey solution, including the kiosks, zero start-up costs, full implementation, increased productivity and reduced overhead. As a result, Sentry customers can generate much greater revenue from current parking inventory and resources, and significantly reduce capital expenses. Sentry Lots also provide improved security and communications.

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