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With over 10 years of experience, Muraflex transforms floor plans into architectural spaces. With a European touch, our design-savvy demountable glass office wall systems and freestanding pods create a distinguished work environment, bringing elegance and purpose together.

Muraflex products are not only emblematic of sophistication and refinement but also high-performing. To always attend to our clients’ specific needs, our products are adaptable, versatile, and easily demountable and moveable. We know that every project is unique, and some might need a custom option. At Muraflex, we have a team of people that will work to make these designs come to life. The firm has been given the esteemed Architizer A+ Award twice, as well as the Prix Estim twice, awarded in recognition a top exporter. Muraflex was also proudly awarded the renowned Interior Design in collaboration with NeoCon, HIP award in the category of most innovative product.

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Muraflex provides a comprehensive portfolio of moveable wall systems and solutions, available on a cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners. Learn how your agency can start saving valuable time and money today.

About Muraflex

At Muraflex, we keep the end-user in mind every step of the way. From wall research and development to after sales service, we have a seasoned team of engineers, local representatives, project managers and after sales service consultants who is dedicated to ensure that every clients’ expectations are surpassed.

Contact Information

Sarah Weill
Marketing Director
450-462-3632 ext. 224

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