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MyVRSpot is the leading online Video Management Solution for uploading, hosting, creating, sharing, and archiving of user-created media, and is tailored around the needs and challenges of K12 school districts. 

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MyVRSpot creates an environment for multimedia to be condensed into one centralized location for end-user consumption on a variety of internet-connected devices.

About MyVRSpot

The platform includes online tools for creating audio, video, and screen recordings, online video editing, image editing and creation, creating interactive video-based quizzes and assessments, live broadcasting, digital signage, closed captioning, and more. The solution has built-in integrations for account provisioning and authentication with Google, LDAP/Active Directory, ClassLink, and Clever, as well as integrations with various LMS solutions, including Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology.

The online solution provides administrators, teachers, and students a single place to upload, share, archive, and collaborate on their various digital files including videos, images, audio files, documents, and more. Content that is uploaded or created in your MyVRSpot account can be shared with other users within the school or district, and as such, becomes a part of the district's new and ever-expanding digital repository. The MyVRSpot system is designed as a closed network environment, making sure that the district always has complete control over how uploaded and created content is shared.

MyVRSpot's distribution model allows files from every tier of the educational scaffold to be shared instantly. States and districts can directly control content that students and teachers can access 24 hours a day. This shared environment saves time and resources compared to the traditional "top-down" distribution model used for content and curriculum distribution.

More than 700 school districts around the country rely on MyVRSpot to provide a solution designed to meet the increasing demands for hosting and sharing of digital media, and to maintain the highest level of safety and security, particularly when it comes to sharing of student content.

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