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Network Distribution® (Network) is designed to deliver the efficiency and reach of a major North American distributor, but with the personal accountability of locally based, best-in-class distributors. Supported by the power of local expertise, Network offers category knowledge, customizable supply management programs, and products from the industry's top suppliers. This agreement includes all the janitorial and sanitation supplies your agency needs, on one contract, with distribution services, support and training provided by resources based in your area. OMNIA Partners members have access to exclusive savings and value adds from Network distributors nationwide.

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Network offers janitorial supplies & equipment, foodservice items and PPE products to participants of OMNIA Partners on competitively solicited, publicly awarded cooperative contracts. These contracts provide local distribution while leveraging the volume of a national program. 

Network Distribution Contract Highlights

Strengthen Your School's Defense Against Respiratory Virus Season

With the school year underway, now is a great time to review cleaning protocols and ensure your facility is prepared for the respiratory virus season. Network Distribution & OMNIA Partners provide key points and hygiene solutions to ensure cleaning for health and safety are optimized in your schools. Click the banner to read our new blog and get tips for your schools now! 

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Going Green

As global citizens, we all have a responsibility to care for the environment and conserve resources.  Network is driven to offer green products and solutions, while continually moving forward with new ways to work for our customers, partners and community. Enacting sustainable business practices is a proactive effort. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Network has LEED Accredited Professionals on staff to monitor sustainability trends and stay aligned with our supplier initiatives. This includes the use of local fleets with optimized routing for reduced carbon emissions, local sourcing, recycling and energy conservation programs, data center efficiency, e-business transactions, and the use of EnergyStar® certified office equipment. 

Our future depends on the health of our environment, and Network will continue to take action to reduce our carbon footprint and make sustainable choices, while empowering our partners to do the same. Our work with the U.S. Postal Service helped it win a White House Closing the Circle Award for leadership in environmental stewardship. To learn about the Sustainability Programs we offer our customers, click here

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Pacific Northwest County

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Southwest School District

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