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OnPoint Group is helping OMNIA Partners members re-think their material handling and facility maintenance. We provide single facility, regional, and full outsource services across all material handling equipment as well as a facility maintenance outsource for trades like dock/doors, security, plumbing, electrical, etc. Our companies include TFS, Miner, TrueSource, OnPoint Racking & Automation, and OnPoint Capital.

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Are you managing any aspect of mid to large-sized facilities in North America? OnPoint Group is OMNIA Partners' private sector supplier for turnkey material handling and facility services. We are experts in all the equipment and maintenance/repair needs that concern you. Our innovative technology platforms and skilled technicians make your life easier by effectively handling everything involved with commercial doors, storefront glass and security, docks and doors, forklifts, warehouse accessories, facility maintenance and more. It is our mission to lower your total cost of ownership, improve safety, and maximize up time through expertise and technology innovation in these areas. 

We offer one-stop comprehensive services to national, regional and local customers through divisions dedicated to specific areas of concern for material handling and facility equipment. In addition to our growing base of almost 2,000 employees, of which 900 serve as expert service technicians across the country, we also partner with more than 20,000 affiliated service technicians throughout North America. 

OnPoint Group Business divisions


We cover the full spectrum of products and services required to keep equipment and facilities running safe at the lowest total cost of ownership.  Our proven solutions are simple and can scale up to a full outsource of a category over time.  They include: 

Material handling and facilities services from OnPoint Group


Racking and Automation

OnPoint Group Racking & Automation

Your business is increasingly complex due to supply and demand challenges.
We understand you could be facing labor issues, limited space, inefficient processes dragging down productivity, SKU proliferation, inflation, and the list goes on.

With the launch of OnPoint Group Racking & Automation to OMNIA Partner's Private Sector, we now offer solutions that can simplify your automation journey, regardless of the degree of complexity you are currently facing. More space. Less Picks. Reduce labor. Improve Throughput.

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