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The Otto cart is a simple and high-quality solution that works!  Established in 1934 as a garbage collection company in Germany, our waste and recycling containers were developed to assist in the containerization of waste, and designed by garbage men with longevity and durability in mind.  Service at our business is “second to none”, and we offer a wide array of both 2 and 4 wheeled containers for nearly every waste or recycling collection need.  Apart from this, have your containers designed in the color you want with the graphic you want, and delivered when you want!

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Available through OMNIA Partners on a cooperative contract, Otto provides a range of products including a broad array of two-wheeled carts, recycling bins, and related products, along with commercial dumpsters for a variety of waste streams in both residential and commercial sectors. For complex municipal contracts, Otto offers consultation services to guide you through the waste collection process. Whether it is going to council meetings or educating residents, Otto has experts with hands-on experience to help every step of the way.

About Otto

Since 1983, Otto has developed and maintained lasting relationships with many diverse municipalities and private haulers. As a result, Otto’s reputation is that of a valued and dependable partner.

Otto’s experienced sales force has the most longevity in the industry and is uniquely qualified to understand your needs and offer custom, cost-effective solutions. Our dedicated customer support team oversees the order process from order to delivery. Finally, our strategically located facilities, manufacturing partners and distributors help improve product lead time and decrease freight costs.

Otto Injection Molded Container

Otto’s refuse containers are manufactured by an injection molding process. The injection molding process can make products with complex designs that would not be possible by other manufacturing processes such as rotational or blow molding.

Advantages of Otto Injection Molded Container

  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene) composition is heavy duty and fully recyclable.
  • Injection molding allows for intricate design features, such as wear strips, support ribs, and assembly slots, where other molding processes create simpler outputs with limited mold design capability.
  • Consistency in wall thickness allows isolation of special features to strengthen areas where the container faces special stress, for example:
    • Lid attachments are cylindrical-shaped and double-ribbed, creating a robust attachment to the container body.
    • The container base is manufactured with a dual molded-on “wear strip” to take the brunt of the wear and abuse. The flat bottom of the container does not touch the ground.
    • Molded gussets contribute greater strength to the axle mounting details.
    • High pressure injected resin ensures complete and even coverage throughout the mold, providing overall consistent wall thickness and eliminating thin spots or “windows.”
    • An extra deep toehold assists with handling heavy loads.

Other Benefits Include:

  • A guaranteed ten-year, non-prorated warranty on carts and a five-year, non-prorated warranty on recycling bins, along with a one-year non-prorated warranty on commercial dumpsters.
  • Standard Snap-On wheels that roll easily, quietly and provide greater control of the cart.
  • A large solid steel axle, which is manufactured from recycled material, to provide exceptional durability.
  • A cart design that leads the industry in wind stability.
  • A virtually maintenance-free container, decreasing costly labor for repair.
  • A durable metal lower “catch” bar.
  • Industry leading and value-added graphic design services for instructions and container branding.
  • A selection of nearly fifty colors and superior hot stamping using the latest heat sink technologies.
  • An aesthetically pleasing container that complements both inside and outside environments.

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