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PaveConnect specializes in all things Asphalt & Concrete. We offer the best in all Pavement Services Nationwide. No other aspect of your facility is exposed to daily abuse and the need for safety your parking lot faces. You can rely on the professionals at PaveConnect to take care of all you parking lot needs.

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Together, PaveConnect and OMNIA Partners offer public agencies the ability to purchase world-class paving services for their unique needs. Interested in learning more? Click the button below. 

PaveConnect & OMNIA Partners

PaveConnect Contract Documentation

U.S. Communities, National IPA, & NCPA are wholly-owned subsidiaries of OMNIA Partners, dba OMNIA Partners, Public Sector. All public sector participants already registered with National IPA, U.S. Communities, or NCPA continue to have access to all contracts, with certain exceptions, in the portfolio and do not need to re-register to use a legacy National IPA, legacy U.S. Communities, legacy NCPA, or new OMNIA Partners contract. U.S. Communities, National IPA, and NCPA remain separate legal entities and lead agency contracts completed under each brand are effective and available for use through the contract’s approved term. In the event we believe re-registration is necessary for any reason, OMNIA Partners will let you know.

Exterior Surfacing Products, Services, and Paving Solutions

Region 4 ESC - TX

Contract Number: R220902

May 1, 2022 through April 30, 2025
Option to renew for two (2) additional one-year periods through April 30, 2027

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