Pocket NurseA Healthcare Education Pioneer for Nearly 30 Years

Pocket Nurse® was founded in 1992 by Anthony Battaglia, a Registered Nurse who had a vision of filling a void for high-quality healthcare simulation products. Since our humble beginning with just one product offering, Pocket Nurse has grown to provide more than 5,600 exceptional products, all designed to help instructors across a wide range of healthcare specialties to deliver the highest grade of simulation-based instruction. Pocket Nurse is excited to offer OMNIA Partners members an unmatched selection of educational products, backed by an expert staff that boasts many years of experience across the Healthcare Education sectors of Simulation, Nursing Education, EMS, CPR, Pharmacy Education, K-12 school health management, and more. 

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Available through the cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners, Pocket Nurse offers chemistry, biology, physics and anatomy instructional supplies & services.

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All Products Offered by Pocket Nurse are Available through this Partnership, including:

  • Medmattress now included in the Pocket Nurse contract!
  • Medical Supplies for Healthcare Education & Simulation
  • Laerdal High Fidelity Simulators
  • Medical Furniture
  • Custom and Predesigned Student Simulation Supply Kits
  • Medical Simulators and Task Trainers
  • Simulated Medications
  • Anatomy and Diagnostic Supplies
Pocket Nurse

Pocket Nurse Services & Benefits

Take advantage of these Pocket Nurse® services to help reduce costs and improve efficiencies:

  1. Purchasing Discounts
  2. One-stop purchasing & Fast shipping
  3. Consistent and best value pricing
  4. 24/7 ordering on PocketNurse.com
  5. Best value publicly awarded bid
  6. Most experienced industry supplier plus knowledgeable and experienced staff
  7. Easy returns

Pocket Nurse offers solutions and technical expertise you can rely on to support your supply chain and cost savings initiatives. The Pocket Nurse ® sales team is ready to work with you to help you maximize the benefits of your OMNIA Partners membership.

Design Services

Pocket Nurse also offers a free consultation service to help design, plan and construct new classrooms, labs and other educational space.

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Student Simulation Supply Kits

Why Buy Your Supply Kits from Pocket Nurse?

  • FAST turnaround time! Most ship within 24 hours (predesigned) or 2 weeks (custom)
  • Kits arrive ready for distribution to your students, saving your valuable time
  • Increases accountability; students responsible for bringing their own supplies to class
  • Reduces risk of spreading germs, with no need for students to share equipment
  • Show school pride with on-bag logo imprinting (custom kits only)
  • Save storage space and inventory costs by reducing the number of products you need to stock for skills labs
  • A dedicated team of specialists is ready to assist with your order
  • Fast and easy reordering of previous purchases

Free Shipping Offer

Pocket Nurse® offers free shipping on all parcel-type items which are delivered via standard UPS ground with first-floor delivery.

All third-party freight deliveries (L.T.L.) will have freight calculated at time of order entry and will be based upon the quantity, weight, and distance to ship the product(s).

Contact Information

Aaron Vicari