POPICWe believe our clients should profit from insurance premiums, not third party insurance carriers.

POPIC is the multi-family, student housing, and single-family industry leader in helping property owners and managers profit from resident required insurance. 

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Available through OMNIA Partners, POPIC’s program is a turnkey solution enabling property owners/operators to capture the same dollars their tenants usually spend on required renters insurance. Learn more today!


Who We Are

The POPIC group of companies specializes in structuring, forming, and managing specialty insurance programs.

We are comprised of an eclectic group of CPAs, Attorneys, and Insurance Professionals who have over 100 years of combined experience advising the C Suite.


What We Do

Utilizing our consultative approach, the POPIC team is able to create bespoke programs customized to the individual needs of our clients. Instead of putting our clients in a box, we create the box, cut out the middle man, and allow our clients to capture revenue streams previously retained by third party commercial insurance companies and brokers.


Why We Do It

We believe owners and management companies should profit from insurance premiums, not third party insurance companies and brokers. The industry standard calls for insurance companies and brokers to profit, leaving little for owners and management companies. POPIC has shifted this paradigm to allow our clients to capture these valuable revenue streams.

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