Prism Packaging Consultants

Prism Packaging Consultants provides OMNIA Partners members with quality packaging solutions, equipment, and technical support services aimed at maximizing productivity. Prism assists in streamlining delivery processes, minimizing waste, generating go-to-market strategies, and fostering growth while enhancing your bottom line.

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Unlock savings and optimize workflow with Prism's packaging solutions, equipment, and tech support designed to supercharge productivity. 

About Prism Packaging Consultants

We are thought leaders with nearly six decades of experience. Our expertise in manufacturing, fulfillment, and ecommerce is documented across thousands of successful projects for businesses that are thriving in this unprecedented economy.

However, when we start a project, our first priority is tailoring solutions to your specific needs and making you the hero. That includes giving you access to our leaders at every step of the way so you’ll always benefit from our best thinking.

Prism will always offer you more than impersonal large packaging companies or transaction based brokers. You get more than guaranteed in-house products and services from us. More than cost efficiencies and waste reduction. You get a visionary partner that will champion you through each daily, monthly and quarterly challenge.

We see your success.

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