ProtecallAmerica’s leading and most experienced implementor of AtmosAir technology

Protecall is a national solutions provider specializing in the implementation of the world’s most premier IAQ product on the market.  Not all ionization systems are qual, but with Protecall’s AtmosAir DBD (dielectric barrier discharge) technology, clients can have the safest environment possible from harmful air and surface contaminants.  With this active system creating fresh mountain air indoors, clients will have the most effective defense proven to kill bacteria, viruses, pathogens, common cold, influenza and other transferable conditions.  

Protecall offers distribution and full turnkey implementation of IAQ solutions including AtmosAir technology, HEPA filtration retrofits, UV coil sanitization, in-space sensors for real time IAQ and custom solutions for all types of facilities and systems.

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Protect your students, teachers and staff with Protecall’s premier DBD ionization technology to prevent air and surface spread of bacteria and viruses. 

Protecall Contract Documentation

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Occupational Safety & Health Compliance

Region 4 ESC - TX

Contract Number: R230502

Initial Term: November 1, 2023 through October 31, 2026
Renewal Options: Option to renew for two (2) additional one-year periods through October 31, 2028

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