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Ramp is the ultimate platform for modern finance teams. Combining corporate cards with expense management, bill payments, vendor management, accounting automation and more, Ramp's all-in-one solution is designed to save businesses time and money, and free finance teams to do the best work of their lives. Our mission is to help build healthier businesses, and it’s working: over 15,000 businesses on Ramp save up to 3.5% more and close their books 8x faster. Founded in 2019, Ramp powers the fastest-growing corporate card and bill payment platform in America, and enables tens of billions of dollars in purchases each year. 

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Ramp provides members of OMNIA Partners with a finance automation platform that consolidates your non-payroll expenses into one platform, including corporate cards, expense management, bill, and pay.  

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Ramp Overview

Corporate Card & Spend Management, Reimagined for Unmatched Growth

For Finance Leaders

Unlock unparalleled cash flow 
visibility and empower your 
organization to make bigger bets 
with 20x higher lines of credit and 
extend payment terms.

For Controllers

Effortlessly control expenses 
and vendor spend with a 
powerful all-in-one platform, 
robust controls, real-time alerts, 
and workflow automation.

For Accountants

Integrate accounting systems
to streamline reconciliation and 
eliminate tedious tasks while 
accessing the event history of 
every transaction.

For Managers and Employees

Empower employees with 
unlimited cards, expenses, and 
reimbursements. Keep spend 
within policy and reconcile 
receipts in seconds.

Ramp Products

Transform Your Finance Operations with Ramp

Policies & Controls

Restrict what employees spend

Set limits that are automatically enforced when employees spend, down to the merchant, category, and transaction level, and review only what’s necessary.


Make approvals a breeze

Empower employees to spend with pre-approved cards. Go one step further with lightweight expense reviews and approvals for out-of-policy spend.

Spend Intelligence

Get more out of every dollar

Get real-time savings alerts and take action to eliminate duplicate subscription costs, access over $350,000 in partner rewards, and save with SaaS negotiations.

Accounting Automation

Close the books 8x faster

Keep your books accurate with real-time sync, classified transactions, automated workflows, and best-in-class accounting integrations.


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