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Rehrig Pacific is an American-owned and operated company that has been providing innovative supply chain and waste and recycling products, services and solutions since 1913. And no one in the country makes more residential rollout carts than we do. Maybe it’s the century of experience that helped us understand how to do it best. Maybe it’s because we do more than sell you a cart: we help you track it, optimize it, fix it, and manage it with our digital and software products. Maybe it’s because keeping in touch with our customers has helped us innovate solutions like the world’s only fully automated grizzly-proof cart. And to top it all off, we’re committed to zero waste. Everything we make is reusable, and we’re on the forefront of sustainable solutions like state-of-the-art co-injection technology, global initiatives and closing the loop on ocean waste. And, with seven manufacturing plants here in the USA, we're able to maintain shorter freight lanes and a lower carbon footprint.

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Our expertise in the physics of materials led us to develop reusable plastics back in the 60s before recycling was even a thing. Our mastery of the science of the supply chain and waste and recycling processes today delivers sophisticated RFID tracking, unparalleled safety and efficiency to OMNIA Partners public sector participants.


Lighter, more maneuverable and safer for haulers: Rock-solid injection-molded plastic turned out to be a perfect material for commercial containers.

Rehrig Pacific's rugged, all-plastic commercial containers weigh an average of nearly 60% less than traditional steel dumpsters, significantly reducing the risk of collection injuries while minimizing ongoing maintenance and repair costs.

Features and Options:

  • 100% recyclable at the end of life
  • Easy to repair and clean
  • Eight standard colors that won't fade and never need painting, with custom colors and mold-in graphics also available
  • Recessed lid-grip areas on the top rim for protected access to lid
  • Lids are crowned so they won't collect water and will remain rigid
  • UV-stabilized polyethylene resin that won't rust or corrode
  • Moled-in floor beams and stepped sidewalls that provide support and to avoid sagging and bowing

There’s only one fully automatic bear-proof cart in the world, and it’s Rehrig’s. Keep grizzlies out while letting your haulers in. 

We’ve helped some of the world’s leading municipalities and haulers clean up their yards, capitalize on recycling credits, optimize cart management, and save a whole lot of money.

Well-engineered, sturdy, reliable—and made from up to 40% recycled plastic without sacrificing strength or looks. It’s basic, and it’s the best. 

All our carts can be made with 30% PCR (post-consumer resin), are 100% recyclable at the end of life, and save you money. Improved nest-ability reduces your capital cost while keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum. Roll-out carts are shipped with the lids and catch bars installed, saving you valuable time.

Features and Options:

  • For semi-automated or automated collection of household refuse, recyclables and organic waste streams
  • Constructed of high-quality, resilient UV-stabilized HDPE resin
  • RFID integration available for use in asset and participation tracking programs
  • Quick release blow molded wheel or quiet tread wheel options available
Vision Logo

Vision® is a dynamic, easy-to-use software suite that includes applications to track your assets in real time using RFID, GPS and barcode technology. Vision gives you multi-level visibility that will help reduce operating costs, increase sales and preserve capital. Did we mention it can easily integrate with your existing technology?

Whether you have a customer who needs to hit some sustainability goals or is just looking for a standard waste bin, we’ve got you covered. 


Everything Rehrig makes is reusable. But we’ve taken that a step further by obsessing over sustainability in our approach. We pioneered a previously impossible process to build our carts out of an unprecedented 40% recycled material, without sacrificing strength or curb appeal. And we have a best-in-class R&D lab leading the way in figuring out what we can build our carts out of next, from bulky rigid plastic like patio chairs and laundry hampers, to tough materials like ocean waste and discarded rope.

Bulky Rigid Plastics

Bulky rigid plastic – think large plastic toys, laundry hampers, deck chairs – has always presented a unique recycling challenge. Most recyclers want to avoid it because it’s tough to pick up and tougher to break down. But Rehrig Pacific is engineering new solutions to incorporate recycled bulky rigid plastic into our roll-out carts and other products, turning over a new leaf in sustainability efforts.


Aesthetics, strength, and sustainability used to be trade-offs, but we pioneered a patented co-injection technology that produces a cart like no one has ever seen: at its core, 100% recycled material. On the outside, a virgin plastic shell, able to be dyed and branded to match your specific needs. The result? A durable, beautiful cart that’s good for the environment.

Shorter Freight Lanes

Over the years, Rehrig Pacific has invested in an unprecedented seven domestic manufacturing plants here in the USA. More than 90% of Americans live within a day’s drive of a Rehrig Pacific plant, meaning we use short routes and minimal fossil fuels to deliver our products.

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