Reliant Elevator Inspections

Reliant Elevator Inspections & Consulting is a national company that specializes in elevator inspections and consulting services across the U.S. They are a woman-owned, Texas based company that was started in 2012.

Reliant Elevator Inspections has been built on a solid foundation of customer service. Their main priority is to ensure that your best interests are always at the forefront of what they do. They do that by building a strong partnership with their customers based on honesty and integrity. 

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Reliant Elevator Inspections provides elevator inspection and consulting services to government entities, Universities, commercial real estate properties, and more, available through the cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners. 


We realize that it is the Building Owner, Property Manager, Facilities Director, etc. that is ultimately responsible for the safety of the riding public within their walls. Let Reliant Elevator Inspections & Consulting partner with you and help ease the headache that is caused by one of the costliest components of your portfolio.

Never be left in the dark again when it comes to your elevator inspection and consulting needs. You are our top priority and communication is key in all aspects of your interaction with us. 

Products and Services

Elevator Inspections

  •  Annual Inspection – Category 1
  •  5-year Inspections – Category 5
  •  Acceptance tests, when components have been replaced.
  •  Modernization and New Installation Acceptances.
  •   Turnkey inspections.
  •   Filing of inspection reports with the state along with required annual fee.

Contract Reviews

  •  Ensure that you are not paying for services and repairs that should be covered with your contract.
  •  Review contracts to make sure appropriate coverage for your specific needs, based on equipment type and usage.

Maintenance Management

  • Provide quarterly/semi-annual or annual maintenance audits to verify that your maintenance is on track and being performed in a timely manner.

Equipment Audits

  • Provide a detailed survey of the condition and performance of your vertical transportation equipment, with recommendations to improve the life of your equipment.

Due Diligence Evaluations

  •  Examination of vertical equipment to ensure it is up to ASME A17.1 code.
  •  Peace of Mind that you are not inheriting unknown and costly repairs when purchasing a building.

ADA Compliance

  • Provide ADA audits to verify ADA code compliance.



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