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Rentokil is the global leader in pest control and specialist disinfection services, serving diverse sectors such as Food Processing, Logistics, FacilitiesManagement and more worldwide—partner with us for global pest control expertise tailored to your industry.

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Rentokil is the world's largest pest control company, offering the broadest, most advanced range of pest control solutions and services in the industry. The Rentokil network of experts offer OMNIA Partners members a superior level of protection and trusted solutions, pushing the boundaries of innovation and new technology, to create pest-free environments.

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About Rentokil

Advanced Pest Management Solutions For Your Business

As the world’s largest commercial pest control provider, Rentokil provides complete national pest control service coverage in North America. Rentokil offers national and regional programs that provide consistent, documented protocols with centralized account management. Utilizing a proactive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, we work in partnership with businesses with multiple locations to develop the most efficient and cost effective pest management solution.


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Trusted local service, powered by global expertise
With over 400 service branches across the country, offering coast-to-coast coverage Rentokil is wherever you are. We are the largest and most reliable network in the country among national competitors with processes built to be scalable, yet consistent nationwide. 

The convenience of one provider
Rentokil is structured to ensure world-class pest management across your entire organization. Our advantage is that we offer multiple location clients the convenience of working with one pest control provider.

Customized solutions
Rentokil has over 90 years of experience customizing pest control solutions for the world’s largest companies. Your pest management program is developed to meet your internal and external, third-party auditing requirements.

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Expertise & Relationship Management

Expertise & Relationship Management
Rentokil's level of expertise is unrivaled. Our technical and research teams are constantly developing innovative technologies that enable us to deliver more efficient, cost-effective solutions to our customers. In addition to their extensive initial training, every Rentokil technician participates in ongoing technical education to ensure that you receive the quality service you expect.

Our OMNIA Partners members will receive the support of a dedicated, proactive account management team. This includes a dedicated Strategic Account Executive, as well as a specific National Accounts service line, dedicated member email address, dedicated customer care team, and support from our billing team and functional sponsor roles (Executive, Operations and Technical).


Pest Control Solutions

Crawling Insects: Using targeted applications, we eliminate existing crawling insect infestations and prevent new ones through monitoring and exclusion.

Rodents: Halt rodents in their tracks with our proprietary remote digital monitoring PestConnect devices, inspections, exclusion services, and more.

Flying Insects: Protect against flying insects with a variety of Rentokil solutions including our powerful range of energy-saving Lumnia® LED insect light traps.

Bed Bugs: Our PROTECT+ System provides a rapid response to bed bug issues, eliminating infestations and providing ongoing protection with our comprehensive warranty.

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Birds: Protect your business from the damage and disruption birds can cause with our humane, effective integrated bird management solutions.

Termites: Termites cause billions of dollars in property damage annually. Rentokil’s comprehensive programs provide the coverage that you need to protect your business.

Vegetation Management: Our full-service vegetation management programs remove excess vegetation on your property, increasing curb appeal, enhancing security, and reducing pest harborages.

Drain Line Services: Increase drain line flow capacity, reduce small fly breeding sites, mitigate drain odors, and reduce potential costs of grease pumping with our drain line services.

Odor Management: Enhance your brand experience by neutralizing odors. Our cost- effective odor management solutions are ideal for trash rooms or other problem areas.

Exclusion Services: Rentokil can help you enhance your facility’s pest defenses by performing exclusion services to fortify structural weaknesses where pests can enter.

Pestnetonline: This secure, always-available online pest data management system provides real-time data, reports, trends, and insights to help you drive decisions.

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Innovation Is at the Heart of What We Do

Rentokil’s solutions don't just include the service – they also include technology to give you and your facility managers the data and insights they need to make decisions for your business.

Rentokil is highly committed to leadership in innovation and digital, best practice product stewardship, and policies to provide a high-quality and responsible service for our customers, combining global expertise with local insight and execution. Innovation is an integral part of our culture. New projects are mainly generated in-house, either science and technology-led by our Innovation team, or customer-led as a result of insights gained from our businesses around the world. Our partners engage with our scientific and technical teams to turn ideas into new and exciting solutions to meet customer needs now and in the future.

From digital pest control to non-toxic solutions, innovation is at the core of our business.

  • Proprietary Lumnia® Insect Light Trap range (ILT) was developed to help our customers deter the risk of flies and avoid potentially dangerous contamination, while at the same time addressing growing sustainability concerns. This revolutionary insect light trap range offers an effective solution to monitor and control flying insects, helps protect the welfare of your customers, and can contribute to a reduced carbon footprint for your business.
  • PestConnect is an innovative system providing remote monitoring and continuous protection against rodents 24/7, 365 days a year. The system integrates with Rentokil's proprietary customer portal, PestNetOnline (PNOL).
  • Dedicated Rentokil Terminix Innovation & Science Center located in Dallas, TX. Developments at the center aim to improve public health and safety, enhance lives and encourage environmental responsibility across the world

Our guarantee - Nothing is more important to us than your loyalty. Our Quality Assurance Program enables you to receive responsive, timely and effective service in all aspects of your pest management program. If there is ever a concern, we will work to resolve it to your satisfaction.

Member Benefits

  • Consolidated vendor base
  • Rebate incentive (> $100k annual contract service spend qualification)
  • Standardized scope of work
  • Dedicated, proactive account management team with a single point of contact
  • Unlimited access to PestNetOnline
  • Professional, trained, experienced service representatives
  • Support and expertise from Rentokil’s technical department for pest identification
  • and unique challenges

Contact Information

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Laura Tellez, National Account Executive

Sales Rep - East
Blair Caswell, National Account Executive

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